Dr Oz Brain Diet: Elderberry Jam, Beets, Chicken Giblets & Pecans


Dr Oz: The Brain Diet

Looking for all-natural ways to boost your memory? Doctor Oz is joined by Dr. Majid Fotuhi, to reveal the foods to help keep your brain healthy and fit with the Dr Oz Brain Diet that includes foods like elderberry jam, beets, chicken giblets, vegetable juice and pecans.  The 6th step in Dr. Majid Fotuhi’s Alzheimer’s Prevention Plan is to eat the right superfoods. Tanisha, an audience member, said her memory was not that great. She constantly left her keys around the house and forgot to do little things. Her grandma had dementia and she was worried about how that would affect her brain. Dr. Fotuhi believes that how much you eat and what you eat is important for the brain. Obesity is another reason for Alzheimer’s.


  1. Evelyn says

    Dr. Oz, Is there a price to join your e-mail fan list as a subcriber. I would like to join, but if it cost I wouldn’t be able to subscribe.

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