Dr Oz: Bulgur Wheat, Brewer’s Yeast & Chestnuts: Must-Have Foods

By on April 27, 2012

Must-Have Items in Dr Oz’s Home

Since the beginning of the Dr Oz Show, you’ve been asking what items he keeps in his house to stay healthy. Well, today you’re going to find out. Dr Oz gave you an all access pass to what he keeps in his home to stay healthy. You may be surprised with foods like chestnuts, brewer’s yeast, bulgur wheat, onions and tart dried cherries..

Dr Oz Bulgur Wheat, Brewer's Yeast & Red Onions

Dr Oz's kitchen is never without Bulgur Wheat, Brewer's Yeast & Red Onions.

Dr Oz: Must-Haves in the Kitchen

The kitchen, Dr Oz’s favorite part of the house, is where he hangs out with his wife and kids. Some of his favorite snacks included radishes (really?) because they contained B vitamins, fiber and antioxidants.

In his cupboard, he stored olive oil and spices. Olive oils will give you the healthy fat you need, and he used rosemary (his favorite spice) to add savoriness to all his dishes.

His favorite kitchen gadget is the blender that he uses to make healthy shakes and smoothies. (He and his son made a quick and easy healthy smoothie with milk, yogurt and fruit. Yum!)

Dr Oz’s Favorite Ice Cream is Butter Pecan

His secret indulgence was ice cream. Every once so often Dr Oz said he enjoyed a scoop or two of his favorite ice cream, butter pecan.

The 5 Pantry Items Dr Oz says he can’t live without included;

Dr Oz: Dried Cherries

Eat 1 handful of dried tart cherries per day. Cherries are a low-fat snack that contains antioxidants to help reduce inflammation. They also contain melatonin for sleep. They may be a little tart, but you’ll get used to it.

Dr Oz: Red Onions

Doctor Oz loved onions in his dishes. (The red ones are better for you.) For maximum health benefits, you should only peel off the paper layer of the onion. The outer layer right beneath that is what you want because it reduces the risk of heart disease. Onions also contain flavonoids that are more concentrated on the outer layer than the insider layers. Store them in the back of the pantry to keep them cool.

Dr Oz: Bulgar Wheat

Bulgur Wheat contains a huge amount of fiber to help with digestion. Use it as a side dish instead of rice 2-3 times per week. Because of its high fiber content, it will help you feel and stay full faster.

Dr Oz: Brewer’s Yeast

Sprinkle on brewer’s yeast onto some popcorn for added taste. This reduces heart disease and is a major staple in Dr Oz’s diet.

Dr Oz: Chestnuts

Normally, you eat chestnuts in colder months, but you can get their healthy benefits all year round by buying roasted chestnuts in the store. Eat up to 3 oz of chestnuts per day. They contain a ton of fiber and vitamin C, plus, they’re easy to travel with so you can enjoy them anytime.

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