Dr Oz: Can You Spot the Health Food Imposter? Health Food Head Fakes


Dr Oz: Supermarket Scavenger Hunt

Dr Oz pointed out that some of the foods you may find at the supermarket are designed and packaged to look like they are good for you, even if they are unhealthy. That’s why he sent some viewers on a Supermarket Scavenger Hunt.

Dr Oz: Can You Spot the Health Food Imposter?

Dr Oz: Can You Spot the Health Food Imposter? Health Food Head Fakes

Dr Oz put two teams of moms to the test to see whether they could find packaged health food at the grocery store without falling for head fake foods.


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    I always enjoy reading the articles on this website. I am a big supporter of Dr. Oz because he is the doctor for the people. I am so glad that he is open minded and interested in learning about how medicine is practiced around the world and not just in United States. He provides a great platform that also welcomes more natural, holistic approaches to health. If you are a fan of Dr. Oz you will love this book, “Dr. Oz on Cancer, Weight Loss, Alternative Medicine and More” which is available on Amazon.com.

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    Dr. Oz is evolving in his role as a medical practitioner. He is one of few beginning to realize the mind-body connection, the value of alternative medicine, and the role of organic and natural foods in maintain and improving health. He is a good guy who is really concerned about the health of this nation. Unlike so many others who are just trying to sell medication.

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