Dr Oz: What Causes A Beer Belly? Can Wine Cause A “Wine Belly”?


Dr Oz: Does Beer Cause A Beer Belly?

Dr Oz cleared up confusion over which was healthier between wine and liquor and shared some Low Calorie Wine Recipes, but what about beer? Does beer really cause a beer belly? You’ve likely noticed that if you indulge in too many brews, your belly becomes more round. But why is that? A typical bottle of beer is 150 calories. If you tend to drink more than one at a time, you can quickly indulge in far too many calories.

Does Beer or Wine Have More Calories?

Dr Oz: What Causes A Beer Belly? & Wine, Liquor Serving Size

Dr Oz explained whether a beer belly is a real thing and what may be behind the unfortunate side effect. (quinnanya / Flickr)


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