Dr Oz: Cheeseburger Mac Attack & Vodka Impasta Hungry Girl Recipes


Dr Oz: “Hungry Girl” Lisa Lillien Recipes

Looking for delicious ways to curb your carb cravings? You’re in luck. Dr Oz dedicated this entire show on the #1 food you can’t get enough of. You will learn how to make things like a Cheeseburger Mac Attack, Fully Loaded Baked Ziti, BBQ Chicken Quesadilla, a Pizza Loaded Potato and Vodka Impasta. On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by the author of the “Hungry Girl” books, Lisa Lillien. You love your carbs, but unfortunately, they’re the biggest reason you blow your diet. With Lisa’s help, Dr Oz showed you that you can still enjoy your carbs and lose weight.

Dr Oz Carb Lovers Diet

To demonstrate why you overeat, Dr Oz had 2 tubes on his stage. One tube was filled with foods that kept you full for a long time, like chicken, veggies and beans. The second tube was filled up with refined carbs like pasta. The problem is, when you consume the refined carbs, the fullness doesn’t last. You eat the foods, get a carb high and then an hour later, you’re hungry again. This cycle continues to repeat itself until you have consumed way too many calories. Today, Dr Oz showed you how to eat your carbs and lose weight without feeling deprived.


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