Dr Oz: Cheeto Cheat, Brown Sugar Brussel Sprouts & Veggie Puree

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Dr Oz: Cheeto Cheat, Brown Sugar Brussel Sprouts & Veggie Puree

By on April 10, 2012

Dr Oz: Reprogram Your Taste Buds

So, you don’t like veggies, huh? Doctor Oz was joined by AJ Jacobs, the man who has tried every diet, to give you methods on how to reprogram your taste buds. Even if you don’t like healthy foods, you’ll love this! Read on to find out how silence can actually make your food taste better!

Dr Oz: Reprogram Your Taste Buds

Dr Oz taught us how to reprogram our taste buds.

Adrianne, an audience member, told Doctor Oz that she didn’t like healthy food at all because it’s bland and has no taste. In fact, she tried eating the hummus backstage and couldn’t down it. (I always wondered what The Dr Oz Show served the guest backstage. Should’ve figured it would be healthy foods.)

Dr Oz: Sugar Splash

A spoonful of sugar can make the veggies go down. Try putting a spoonful of brown sugar in your Brussels sprouts. (Brussels sprouts? I’d need at least 4 spoonfuls!) Adrianne tried it and said they tasted much better. Also, try making a sugar water for a sweet dip for your cauliflower. Just a touch of sugar will dramatically change the way your veggies taste.

Dr Oz: Cheeto Cheat

Studies show that people prefer crunchier foods. Add sunflower seeds to your salad for that little crunch. Go radical and sprinkle Cheetos on top of your veggies. (Yes, you read that correctly!) Grab a handful and crumble them on top and eat the veggies and the Cheetos together. Adrianne tried and actually liked it.

Dr Oz: Puree Slip

Purees are a great way to get veggies into your diet. Puree cauliflower or squash and mix it into your mac n’ cheese. Purees are filling, plus you squeeze in a dose of veggies. Adrianne tried it and it was delish!

Eat in Silence

Studies show that your ears can change the way your taste buds taste food. Try eating your veggies in a quiet environment or even put in some earplugs and enjoy a handful of carrots.

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