Dr Oz: Chewdaism, Sports Drink Spit & AJ Jacobs Diet Tester

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Dr Oz: Chewdaism, Sports Drink Spit & AJ Jacobs Diet Tester

By on April 10, 2012

Dr Oz: AJ Jacobs – The Man Who Has Tried Every Diet

Think you’ve tried every diet known to modern man? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by AJ Jacobs, the author of the book “Drop Dead Healthy.” AJ is on the quest to become the healthiest man in the world and has tested numerous products to find out which works best. He has tried every cutting-edge product (even the weird ones), nothing was off limits.

Dr Oz Chewdaism

Dr Oz spoke with AJ Jacobs about Chewdaism & the Sports Drink Spit.

AJ Jacobs is a self-proclaimed human lab rat who has immersed himself in extreme experiments. He’s lived biblically for a year in search for enlightenment and even read the encyclopedia to become a know-it-all. (I know people who have never picked up an encyclopedia and swear they’re know-it-alls!)

Years ago, AJ was fat and unhealthy. His wife wanted him to get into shape, so he did. He did every extreme workout on the market, including The Caveman workout. He’s even dabbled with juice cleansers but feels like if you’re trying to be truly healthy, you have no time for anything else. Getting and staying healthy doesn’t have to be time consuming anymore. With all of the products and plans he’s tested, AJ learned to make getting healthy inexpensive and simple.

Dr Oz Paleo Diet & Blood Type Diet

At first, AJ (like most of us) didn’t want to get healthy. “Why bother,” he thought. He didn’t see the point. (He cited a story where a professional runner dropped dead in his fifties from a heart attack.) He understands now that in order to live happier and healthier, you have to get in shape. AJ has tried The Blood Type Diet and The Paleo Diet but his favorite diet plan is the one he created by taking the best advice from several diets combined.

Shop the Perimeter of the Grocery Stores

AJ learned to shop the perimeter of the grocery stores. This is where you’ll find the best produce and unprocessed fish. (The middle sections contain all the junk and processed foods.)

Eat From the Rainbow

AJ also learned from vegans to eat the rainbow. Eat foods that are yellow, blue, red and green. These foods contain the greatest health benefits (including antioxidants and Dr Oz Fans know the importance of antioxidants.)

Eat Like A Baby

No, this doesn’t meant to wear a bib and dribble applesauce on your chin. It simply means to eat from a child’s plate. Take it a step further and use small utensils too. This will help you eat less and slow down your food intake.

Apples Curb Cravings

An apple a day keeps the appetite away. Studies show that you will consume 187 fewer calories and you’ll cut out over 100 calories for that meal if you eat an apple before your meal. (The same goes for soup.)

Squat Over The Toilet

AJ has admitted to doing weird things to get healthy, but when Dr Oz showed an image of him squatting over a toilet….now that was weird! But it’s not as weird as you think. AJ says you go 3 times faster when you squat. You get hemorrhoids less and squatting strengthens the legs. (Bet you didn’t know this was how we originally went to the bathroom.) Studies show that this is how are bodies are designed to go to the bathroom. (Leave it to humans to make everything lazier!)

Fidget While You Work

You can burn off an extra 300 calories per day just by fidgeting. Tap your toes and wiggle your butt around while at work.

Microwave Workouts

Microwave oven your workouts by doing high intensity workout training. Go full on for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. Do this 5-6 times and you’ll have a great workout in less than 10 minutes. (Dr Oz’s lab tested this method and found out it’s true.)

Dr Oz: AJ Jacobs

Two years ago, AJ weighed 172 lbs. His body fat was at 18% and his LDL (Bad) Cholesterol came in at 77 (and this was while he was on medication to reduce his cholesterol.) Today. AJ weighed 156 ½ lbs. and his body fat was at 7%. His LDL Cholesterol dropped to 62 and he was able to get off all drugs.

He said his wife loved it when he got healthier. (Actually, he said she loved and didn’t love it at times—Ladies, we know how that is!) Another change he made was switching his coffee. He used to drink French Press coffee but changed to using a filter, which is healthier.

Dr Oz: Sports Drink Spit

Boost your energy with the Sports Drink Spit. To do this, take a drink of a sports drink and spit it out. Your tongue senses the presence of sugar and sends a message to your body, but you don’t get the calories. (Dr Oz researched this and agreed.)

Dr Oz: Chew 20 Times (Chewdaism)

This is not some new religion. AJ noted that we are a nation of under chewers. If you chew 20 times instead of 10, you’ll deliver healthy fats to your heart— and bonus, you’ll eat less. Dr Oz said he was a 10-er (A person who chewed 10 times or less. Guess he’d better get on that right away!)

Dr Oz: Didgeridoo

You’ve seen those long, hulking Australian instruments that make that weird sound called the Didgeridoo. If you have one lying around in your attic, you can prevent snoring and sleep problems just by blowing into one. If you don’t, try using a smaller kazoo to strengthen your throat muscles.

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    Regarding the sport spit, does one do this only before exercising or can it be done any time of day?

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