Dr Oz Chia Seeds Review: Miracle to End Your Food Cravings Forever

By on October 30, 2012

Dr Oz Miracle Seeds – Chia Seeds

Dr. Oz isn’t done with sharing his Miracles with you just yet. Now that you have added Coconut Oil to your shopping list and can’t wait to begin cooking and baking with it in all of your favorite Coconut Oil recipes, he wants to talk to you about ending your food cravings for good. Can you imagine a little seed that could curb your cravings and keep you from snacking non-stop? Doctor Oz calls these little black seeds his next Miracle Answer and he’s going to tell you just how Chia Seeds work.

Dr Oz: Chia Seeds Absorb 9x Their Weight

Dr Oz Chia Seeds Review: Miracle to End Your Food Cravings Forever

Dr. Oz says Chia Seeds form a gel when added to liquid leaving your stomach feeling full and putting an end to your cravings.

Dr. Oz says there is a Miracle Seed that will help you feel full and stop your cravings. They are called Chia Seeds and while they are quite small in appearance, they offer big benefits to you and your body. Dr. Oz says the tiny kernels (or seeds) can absorb 9 times their weight, so when added to liquid they create a very thick gel and when this happens in your stomach, it will feel like it is very full.

Dr Oz Chia Seeds Stop Cravings

Dr. Oz challenged two self-confessed stress eaters who often grab unhealthy snacks throughout their day to try and satisfy their hunger to put Chia Seeds to the test. He asked them to replace their usual snacks with 2 tablespoons full of Chia Seeds in a glass of water.

They both explained how full and satisfied they felt, with their craving for the unhealthy stuff completely gone. They were both especially pleased that they even felt full into the late evening hours when they are both more apt to snack.

Dr Oz: Whole Raw Chia Seeds

  • Consume 2 Tablespoons of Chia Seeds after Breakfast and after Lunch
  • When purchasing Chia Seeds look for “Whole” or “Raw” on the package
  • Cost is about $6 per bag

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