Dr Oz: Chocolate Berry Parfait Recipe & Diet Rules You Should Break

By on May 29, 2012

Dr Oz: Diet Rules You Should Break

You’ve followed all the rules when it comes to dieting, but the weight loss seems to come so slow. On today’s show, Doctor Oz told you the diet rules that it’s okay to break. Find out how to exercise less and still lose the weight.  And of course Dr Oz’s Chocolate Berry Parfait recipe!

Dr Oz: Chocolate Berry Parfait Recipe

Dr Oz broke diet rules today and made new rules like eating your water and not skipping dessert. Instead, try Dr Oz's Chocolate Berry Parfait Recipe.

The more rules, the more you wanna break them. Today, Doctor Oz told you to go ahead and break some of them.  Plus, Dr Oz spoke about The Vitamin D Diet and Kitchen Gadgets for Weight Loss earlier on this show.

Dr Oz Diet Rules: Fruits & Veggies

Annette, audience member, said she has tried so many ways to lose weight but was recently inspired by Jennifer Hudson when she was on The Dr Oz Show. So far, she lost 20 lbs but wanted to know how to lose more. The biggest hurdle for her is eating the same foods all the time.

Old Rule: Eat 7 servings of fruits and veggies.

New Rule: Fill half your plate with produce of your choice. Do this at every single meal. You can include pre-packaged salad mixes or onions and peppers. Your choice.

Can You Eat Red Meat on a Diet?

Old Rule: No red meat allowed.

New Rule: You can eat meat but it should be lean and in moderation. Go for meats like sirloin and top round, which contains less than 10% fat.

How Much Water Should You Drink Every Day?

Old Rule: Drink 3-8 glasses of water a day.

New Rule: Eat your water. Plenty of good foods contain water in them. (Watermelon is 90% water.) Eat fruits like melons, lettuce and soups, which are great options. Drinking more water means your urine will be clear and you’ll flush out toxins from your system. If you’re peeing 6-7 times per day, you’re getting enough water.

Dr Oz: Exercise Rule 30 Minutes Per Day

Old Rule: Exercise 60 minutes per day (Yeah, right! Good luck with that!)

New Rule: Exercise 30 minutes, 5-6 times per week. Just get your heartbeat up with a walk. Even fidgeting burns calories. Use a garbage can and move it away from where you’re sitting. You have to get up to throw things in the trash—unless you’re like me and a good shot. Even if you are a good shot, that takes up some energy.

Dr Oz’s Dessert Rule

Old Rule: Skip dessert

New Rule: You can eat dessert. Skipping dessert is impossible for some. It ends up leaving you wanting more food. Try healthier desserts like Dr Oz’s chocolate berry parfait.

Dr Oz: Chocolate Berry Parfait Recipe

¼ low fat ricotta cheese
1 tsp of cocoa powder
¼ C of fresh berries on top

It’s simple to make. The dessert contains sweetness and protein to fill you up. It’s only 105 calories for the entire dessert.

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