Dr Oz: Chris Powell Carb Cycling to Lose Weight & Curb Cravings


Dr Oz: Lose Weight With Carbs

What if there was a way you could lose weight and not deprive yourself of carbohydrates? Dr. Oz says you can do just that with a revolutionary plan to help you lose that weight for good. In just 1 short week of hard work he says you can change your body and he has the perfect expert to weigh in on this topic because he is a guy who gets the science and has done his research. Get the story on the Chris Powell carb cycling plan.

Dr Oz: Don’t Give Up Carbs to Lose Weight

Chris Powell, the star of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, says our bodies are wired to need carbohydrates, but it is our relationship with them that needs to change. They can be as addictive as drugs, says Powell, and this is reason why so many people can’t lose weight. He says you don’t have to give up your favorite carbs, but if you follow his 7-day plan you will change the way you look at them forever. He promises that if you follow his 1 week plan, you will cut your cravings and see amazing weight loss results.

Chris Powell: Carb Addiction Vs Cocaine Addiction

Dr Oz: Chris Powell Carb Cycling to Curb Cravings & Lose Weight

Chris Powell says that if you eat high amounts of carbs on some days and lower amounts on others you will boost, then burn, your way to weight loss.


  1. Arline Giles says

    Where can I find the “Chris Powell Carb Cycling to Lose Weight & Curb Cravings”? I would like to try it. Thank You.

  2. Janice O'Connor says

    I would like to know where to get the Chris Powell Carb Cycling to lose weight and curb cravings. I would like to try it

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