Dr Oz: Chris Powell’s Metabolism Boosting Plan


Dr Oz: Metabolism Boosting Plan

Heeeeeee’s Baaaaaack! You’ve seen him on Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition and other popular weight loss shows. Weight Control Specialist, Chris Powell, joined Dr Oz to help you boost your metabolism and lose weight in the New Year! Last time on The Dr Oz Show, Chris helped you to kick your carb addiction. This time, he wants you to reset your metabolism, starting from the inside out. He showed you how to overcome your genetics to do it (uh-oh, there went my excuse!) so you don’t have to look like your parents. It’s all about what you eat and when you eat it. According to Chris, the more you eat, the more you lose. The one magical ingredient to be successful with this plan; belief. Make metabolism your friend and not your enemy and start losing weight today!



  1. says

    Thanks I need this info.I especially like the 3min jogging n place,another 2mins then 3mins of jumping jacks.if I culd start with that and build up to more mins.would help my arthirits n my knees

  2. Janet Horton says

    Issue: I am gluten intolerant, allergic to xanthan gum, and have gastroparesis, so I am on a gluten-free, fiber-restricted diet and use Miralax to keep me moving. I don’t have trouble with the idea of eating 5 times a day because I get full pretty easily. I’m having trouble getting enough veggies and carbs, Veggie juices typically turn to sugar, so I try to juice my own carrot juice. Quite a chore, but fresh is better and worth it. .Peanut butter is out. Any suggestions about what to carry with me so I can have snacks if I’m out and about? Any way to simplify all this?

  3. Lorrin BIrd says

    For the past year I’ve had a large breakfast that combines many foods, and have lost almost 40 pounds slowly, Combined with interval exercising (high intensity than low than high etc) it has worked for me.

    Breakfasr regimen

    Oatmeal, oat bran or buckwheat with:
    sunflower kernels
    almond milk
    chia seeds
    big gob of peanut butter

    Cup of green tea with Alive! vitamin/mineral/super food supplement.

    Buckwheat is not a grain but is a seed, which surprised me, but helps lower gluten input.
    Lately I have been occasionally substituting several slices of Ezekiel 4,9 bread for the oatmeal, bran or buckwheat, and load up items on the bread (honey and agave do a great job of holding things together). The Ezekiel bread combines grains, beans, legumes and several other things that add to the food combo power, and uses sprouted grains.

    There was an article in a magazine recently that presented research where combining three types of foods in a meal raised helped lose weight in the right places. The slimming effects of the three food types combined was many times greater than the sum of the three foods eaten alone. Turns out the breakfast concoction I eat combines foods from each of the three food groups needed to fight fat.

    The December 12, 2011 issue of First for Women had the article on food combo’s that:

    reduce rate of new fat cell growth
    kill far cells
    block fat cell formation

    Putting peanut butter in oatmeal adds two potent fat busters. It is interesting that the Oz show also associates a big breakfast with increased metabolism, so one is going after the fat with two weapons (fat cell busters and calorie burning),

    The exercise regimen I follow alternates each day between ken po karate, kicking a soccer ball around, tai chi, yoga and fast-n-slow walking for 30 to 45 minutes. Very long walks at slow to moderate speed, 1 to 4 hours, seem to contribute to weight loss even though the heart rate doesn’t seem to go up much.

  4. Lorrin BIrd says

    Some follow up notes on my previous e-mail.

    I’am over 60 and a 6 foot tall male. Lately I’ve been drinking down a whey protein mix with water during breakfast to add 26 grams of protein. Also add cinnamon to the breakfast mixture when I remember.

    My snacks throughout the day are primarily nuts (peanuts, pistachios and cashews), which seems consistent with the Dr Oz show suggestion to eat your fave fat as a Kravings Killer tween meals.

    Occasionally eat a special lunch or dinner consisting of Annie Chun black or brown rice with honey, peanut butter and raisins.

    Take krill and fish oil a few times during the day, which may help keep the inflammation down after exercising.

    I presented my diet for discussion purposes, since it is a bit on the extreme side (wife calls it “odd”).

  5. Dee Williams says


    In one of his first shows of the year, he had a recipe using Lima Beans, Canned Salmon and tomatoes. I looked and looked and cant find it on his website.

    Does anyone here have it?.


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