Dr Oz: Chromium Supplement For Weight Loss & Chromium Helps Diabetes?


Dr Oz: Boost Weight Loss With Chromium Supplement

Dr. Oz said that there are really important supplements you should be taking, but most traditional doctors have never even heard of them. These supplements are so beneficial that they will lower your blood pressure, heal inflammation and even help you lose weight.

Dr Oz: Chromium Polynicotinate Supplement

Dr. Julie Chen, who practices Integrative Medicine, explained that chromium is a trace mineral found in foods like vegetables, meats and whole grains. Dr. Chen said it is very important because it helps to balance our blood sugar through the foods that we eat. It comes in the form of a supplement called chromium polynicotinate, but Dr. Oz said to just focus on the chromium since that is what is most important to remember. Dr. Chen told Dr. Oz that as we get older, our bodies simply do not absorb as much chromium from the foods we eat, so taking supplements will help provide us with this important mineral. She added that stress and high sugar foods also cause our bodies to absorb fewer nutrients, which means that many of us are probably chromium deficient.


  1. says

    I watch ur show everyday I trust ur advice but if we take every pill u say is good 4 us everyone would go broke & how do they interact with each other. Please tell me & everyone which ones r the best????

  2. Lorna Vinger says

    Should people who don’t had diabetes or pre-diabetes take the chromiumpolynicotinate? Would it be harmful?

  3. says

    Thank you so much for all this great information, I would like to know where I can get the Supplements like Chromium Polynicotinate and DIM dlindolylmethane complex. You r amazing for helping people with things that ready help.

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