Dr Oz: Cinnamon Metabolism Booster & Tips to Blast Belly Fat


Dr Oz: Oregano Weight-Loss Benefits

Get ready for a fun way to end your week with Dr. Oz as he agreed to a Viewers Takeover! He went directly to his fans to ask what they wanted and the results are in because today’s show is all about you and what you wanted to see and learn. From the topics, to what Dr. Oz wears, and even how Dr. Oz comes out on stage, you picked everything for this episode.

Dr Oz: Cinnamon as a Sugar Substitute

Dr. Oz opened up today’s show by coming out on stage wearing “blinged” scrubs while riding on horseback, which were two of the decisions made when he turned the reins over to you, the fans, to make all the choices for this fun episode! Which topic did you choose for Dr. Oz to talk about first? The votes are in and the majority picked Metabolism.

Dr Oz: What is Metabolism?

Your metabolism is actually determined by your body type, with the two most common being “big in the middle” and “big on the bottom”. First let’s talk about how you can boost your metabolism if you are a person who is big in the middle.


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