Dr Oz: Coconut Oil Melts Body Fat & Will Red Wine Stop Fat Build Up?


Dr Oz: Apples Stop Fat Build-Up

Would you like to lose weight without diet or exercise? Do you want to stop excess fat from building up on your body or do you need to lose those five stubborn pounds? If so, this Dr. Oz show is for you! He has the “Fat Melters” that will help you burn away fat and lose weight for good!

Dr Oz: Exercise Best Way To Burn Fat

Dr. Eva Selhub, a weight loss expert, explained the concept of fat melting to Dr. Oz and his audience, which is very similar to when you put something fatty in a frying pan, like butter. As the pan heats up, the butter melts, which is just like what happens in our body when we are trying to burn fat and lose weight. Dr. Selhub said this is exactly why exercising helps to melt away your fat. She added that while she does not advocate not moving, there are some new ways to lose weight naturally without having to exercise.


  1. Joshua Rivera says

    Hi, I want to know if there’s a specific brand of CLA that is better to take. Also, can I take CLA and coconut oil supplement together daily along with my multi vitamins? Thanks

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