Dr. Oz Confronts a Fat Shaming Activist & How to Make People Healthy


Dr. Oz: Fat Shaming

Dr. Oz confronted a notorious fat shamer named Roosh Vorek, who calls himself a “fat shaming activist and organizer.” This interview came in a climate of lots of recent fat shaming online of high profile people like singer Kelly Clarkson and comedian Amy Schumer. There have also been every daypeople that have been fat shamed, like a man named Sean (better known as the Dancing Man) who was internationally humiliated for simply dancing in public.



  1. Oprah says

    Dr Oz publicly shamed Roosh on his show. The irony tastes like miracle rapid weight loss cures sold to his audience.

  2. Peggy says

    I was very disappointed the way Dr. Oz brutally disrespected his guest Roosh on his show. I don’t think that was any better than the bulling that is happening today. It looked more like a public humiliation and very insulting. And I believe that what Roosh is doing may actually help some people. Everyone learns in different ways.

  3. Aiko says

    Dr Oz and his shills spent all there interview time shaming the guest, calming shaming does not work. Dr Oz is far more involved in fat shaming, in fact a large part of Dr Oz’s business rides on the desperation and misery of the obese. Dr Oz promotes a never ending stream of loose weight diets that essentially don’t work. I am not aware of anyone forcing women to accept gluttonous men against there will or angrily demanding women accept them as big beautiful men.

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