Dr Oz Cooking Sprays: Baker’s Joy, Pam Organic Spray& Olive Oil Mister


Dr Oz: The Best Cooking Sprays

You’re exercising and eating healthy, so why aren’t you losing the weight? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Lifestyle Expert, Allison Fishman, to reveal the hidden secrets about cooking sprays.  Do you know which cooking oil sprays made the Dr Oz Cooking Sprays list?  Allison says even though the can says 0 calories and fat, you may still be adding extra calories to your dishes even before you start cooking. The 0 calories is based on a 1/3 of a second spray. (Who only sprays for a third of a second?!) Jennifer says that normally a spray is a 3-5 second hold, which ends up adding on unwanted calories. Today, Jennifer revealed the best cooking sprays to help you keep the flavor and lose the weight such as an Olive Oil Mister, Spectrum Organic Sunflower Oil, Pam Organic Cooking Oil and Baker’s Joy Spray.  Plus, read about some of the best Weight Loss Kitchen Gadgets, Chef’s Diet Secrets and Dr Oz’s Half the Calorie Recipes – all from today’s show.


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