Dr Oz: Couples Diet Plan in 3 Steps with Liz Josefsberg


Dr Oz: 3 Ways For Couples To Lose Weight

Doctor Oz did a segment on 3 Key Ways For Couples to Lose Weight, after introducing a couple who has been struggling to lose weight (click here to read the recap: Dr Oz: Couples Weight Loss).  Both Susan and Pete put on over 40 pounds throughout their marriage, so Liz Josefsberg gave 3 tips for a Couples Diet Plan from the new Weight Watchers Points Plus Program (click here for a recap of the segment where Dr Oz introduced this program:Dr Oz: Weight Watchers Points Plus).

Dr Oz: Focus On Percentages Not Pounds

Liz Josefsberg said that men and women lose weight very differently and the Weight Watchers Points Plus program speaks to those differences very well.  You and Dr Oz Couples Weight Loss Planyour partner should focus on a small attainable goal like losing 10% of your weight.  So for Susan, she would need to lose 16 pounds whereas Pete would need to lose 21 pounds.  This takes out some of the frustration that women experience because men tend to lose weight much faster than women.


  1. Serena says

    As a weight watchers leader in Canada, I would love to say that sharing the secrets takes only a short amount of time. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all when it comes to weight loss. We have a different meeting topic (or secret) each week. Some are more helpful than others and everyone takes something different away from it. We could make a meal plan for people but that doesn’t mean you are going to follow it. Think about all the meal plans already out there that you haven’t attempted because it doesn’t suit your lifestyle. You are the expert on what is going to work for you in your weight loss. A person who is successful at weight loss through Weight Watchers has to be ready to make the commitment and take advantage of all the help that is there in the program. There is so many facets to the program that make it amazing but unfortunately you will have to join to reap the benefits.

  2. says

    I want to loose weght but my problem is my husband workbetween 28 and 32 hrs a week so we only have money for bills I don’t know what to do .I gain 40 pounds since am here in United States I feel so depressed, Before I got here I was 140 I was so beautiful. we don’t even have money to by food, I want to stay in bed and never awake, help me please

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