Dr Oz: Couples Weight Loss & Diet Plan with Liz Josefsberg


Dr Oz Couples Diet Plan

Doctor Oz was joined by Liz Josefsberg, a Weight Watchers Leader, to discuss how to tackle weight loss as a married couple.  Unfortunately, it seems to be true that the saying “Fat and Happy” happens when you get married.  Couples are twice as likely to become obese after marriage.  Just living with your partner increases your risk of obesity by 63%, but the good news is that if your spouse or partner starts losing weight, chances are that you will too.

Dr Oz Marriage Diet Plan

Dr Oz asked Liz Josefsberg how to gain a spouse and not the weight.  She said it happened to her as soon as she got married too, and she called it her Love Weight.  Dr Oz Couples DietPeople get comfy being a couple, whereas when you are single you stay in shape to find a mate.  But after you find your spouse, the weight gain starts growing together.  Josefsberg said that one of the biggest mistakes she sees is that spouses lean on each other, so if one falls off the motivation bandwagon, then the other falls off the diet too.  So we have to make sure not to enable each other to do these things!

Dr Oz: Couples Weight Loss Plan

Doctor Oz found a couple who needed help with losing weight.  After they got married, they started to forget about their health.  Then they had a daughter named Sophia who was diagnosed with a seizure disorder and she is non-verbal.  The parents, Pete and Susan, let their diet fall by the wayside.  Then Pete quit smoking and he really packed on the pounds as he replaced smoking cigarettes with food.  They are their own worse enemies because one of them will eat pizza or ice cream, and that will encourage the other one to do the same.  But Susan said that they need to put themselves first for their daughter Sophia, and Dr Oz agreed completely.


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