Dr Oz Crash Diet & Skinny Shake Recipe: Dr Joel Fuhrman’s 1 Week Diet

By on June 4, 2012

Dr Oz: 7 Day Crash Diet

Even with summertime fast approaching, you can still lose weight in time for the beach. On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Dr. Joel Fuhrman to show you how to eat all you want and still lose weight. This is the only Dr Oz approved Crash Diet (hence the name Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet!)l. In just 7 days, you can eat all you want and still lose 10 pounds or even more.  Best of all, you do not need to exercise and you can eat yummy foods like Dr Oz’s Skinny Shake Recipe!

Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet

Dr Oz's 7 Day Crash Diet can help you lose 10 pounds in one week!

Dr. Joel Fuhrman has helped over 20,000 patients throughout his years. All it takes is one week and he’ll get you on the fast track to weight loss. Millions have followed this philosophy and have seen dramatic weight loss. Dr. Fuhrman says you can lose up to a dress size in just one week.

One woman lost 120 lbs in just a year. Another woman lost 100 lbs. Dr. Fuhrman says most diets have people cut calories and reduce fat, when in actuality, you should be focusing on consuming nutritious foods. The more you eat of these foods, like fruits and grain, the more you lose. Foods that burn fat the fastest are the ones higher in nutrients. Eat less of foods like sweets, meats and dairy because they’re higher in calories.

Dr Oz: Nutrient Density Food Scale

The first step of Dr Oz’s 7 Day Crash Diet is to understand the Nutrient Density Food Scale which goes from 0-100. Foods closer to 0 include sweets and treats. Meats are at a level 6. Full-fat dairy is 8. Starchy veggies are at 25. Fresh fruits are 45. Dark leafy greens are at 100. Concentrate on eating those foods with the higher numbers, like fresh fruits and dark leafy greens. You don’t have to each just those foods, but consume the other foods in moderation because they will sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Nutrient Dense Foods vs. Junk Foods

The more you eat of the higher numbered foods, the more fat you’ll burn. If you eat a small bowl of potato chips (1000 calories) a week and don’t burn it off, over the course of a year, you’ll accumulate 15 pounds and you’ll have toxic hunger that will make you keep eating more.

If you eat the same amount of calories in nutrient dense foods (veggies), you’ll lose weight. People who eat nutrient dense foods say the food kills the toxic hunger, which makes you want to eat more. Nutrient rich foods fill up the body with nutrients and takes away cravings and the drive to overeat. You can lose 10 lbs (including fluid) per week.

Sabrina, an audience member, wanted to lose weight fast. She crashed dieted, but these diets were unsuccessful long term. One of her issues was that she was always hungry.

3 Simple Steps:

Dr Oz: 90/10 Diet Rule

On Dr Oz’s 7 Day Crash Diet, you must eat 90% nutrient-dense foods (veggies, seeds, nuts, fruits and beans). For the other 10%, have healthy oils, meat and dairy. Eat the foods that fill you up.

Light & Lean Breakfast

Eat foods like oatmeal and fresh fruit. No heavy proteins (dairy, cereal, meat) for breakfast. A light and lean breakfast keeps the detox mode going. Do not put extra sugar in your oatmeal or on any food. Sugar drives toxic hunger. These foods already have natural sugar.

Bean Belly Blasting Lunch

Sabrina admitted to normally eating rice, curry and fried chicken for lunch. (Uh, don’t think that’s going to help you lose the weight!). Dr. Fuhrman suggested a Belly Blasting Lunch. Consume foods like beans to help the fat melt off the body. Plus, beans make you feel full, lower insulin and are full of resistant starch. Beans turn into a fatty acid that accelerates weight loss

Lean, Green & Skinny Dinner

For dinner, try eating yummy, nutrient rich foods like a pita pizza with broccoli. Another option includes an eggplant roll up.

Doctor Oz says if you stick to these rules, you will lose the weight.

Dr Oz: BOM – Berries, Onions & Mushrooms

Eat Berries, Onions and Mushrooms to kick your body into fat burning mode, which is exactly what you want to do on Dr Oz’s 7 Day Crash Diet. These foods contain properties that blast fat. Berries keep insulin and glucose levels down. Eat them every day. Have berries with breakfast, onions for lunch and mushrooms for dinner or, switch them around.

Dr Oz: Skinny Shake Recipe

Dr Oz’s Skinny Shake will help you detox in order for you to lose weight on Dr Oz’s 7 Day Crash Diet, while satisfying your sweet tooth. The shake contains anti-inflammatory properties and the strawberries lower insulin. Drink this and you will be satisfied. The best part is, it only takes a few minutes to make.

1 C of ice
4 oz of pomegranate juice
1 C frozen strawberries
Squeeze of lemon
Combine all ingredients in a blender. Enjoy!

Eat and drink right, but Dr. Fuhrman says don’t exercise just yet. (Sounds radical, but it’s true.) Exercise is not needed because most people who do this program feel sickly, hence why they start the program. Do this regiment first and then get your exercise. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

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Comments to Dr Oz Crash Diet & Skinny Shake Recipe: Dr Joel Fuhrman’s 1 Week Diet

  1. Thomas Stanford says:

    At the end of Dr. Oz show Monday, June 4th. he advertised a sleep aid containing 3 “natural” indredients: Melatonin,Valerian and another. Couldn’t get the product’s name. Can you enlighten me, please. Thank you.

  2. patt rodney says:

    where can I get a nutrient density food scale

  3. I have tried a lot of Dr Oz. diet and there is so many of the natural way that I can’t take all the pills and eat all the different foods. I am so confused about what to do. I have tried the Raspberry Ketone diet nothing. I eat heathly but my husband thinks the reason I am having such a struggle with losing weight is do to the fact the Dr. 20 years ago did RAI to my Thyroid and I have not been able to lose weight since. I am going to try this in hopes that this will work. Feeling hopless.

  4. tommy orourke says:

    can i use stevia or splenda in moderation on oakmeal???

  5. Alteril sleep aid has L-Tryptophan, Melatonin, Valerian and L-Theanine as the main active ingredients, all which are natural. These compounds all work in slighlt different ways but together they cause the desired results of allowing people to sleep much better. L-Tryptophan, Melatonin work on the brain and send signals to it that tell it that it’s time to sleep and also help to regulate the internal clock of the brain to allow it to stay more regulated which inturn helps you to sleep.

    Valerian is slightly different in the way it works, as its primary mode of action is to cause a sedative or sleepy effect on the body. A person will feel more relaxed and tired after Valerian kicks in. Also L-Theanine works to reduce stress and anxiety which is one of the major causes of insomnia in people. So the combined effect of these 4 compounds have a powerful effect on the body and mind to help people drift off to sleep.

  6. Avoid the medical mill of going from doctor to doctor. Go see a natural path, a doctor with an OD degree or a functional medicine doctor. They treat the entire body. Also try juicing and watch the movie on Netflix or rent “Fat, Sick and nearly Dead. Then by a Hurom Juicer.

  7. yes

  8. Carol Morgan says:

    About the 90/10 diet…any seasonings, oil, sauces? Can tom. sauce be used for pita pizza. How about cheese? How often do I drink the shake? Is there a place I can go to to learn more about this diet?

  9. is honey allowed in my tea, can i use almond milk? can i eat pasta at night with tomatoe sauce

  10. Please give me a list of foods and some recipes for the BOM 7 day diet.
    Thanks , Susan

  11. Carolyn says:

    I am so confused with all the great info Dr. Oz gives. Where do I start? I think I will use the 7day crash diet – but would really like a bunch of recipes. I’m not so smart or imaginative when it comes to meal planning. Is this diet in a book – either print or E-book? Also, when it says it lowers insulin – isn’t that bad if you are diabetic?

  12. Carolyn says:

    I also would list a list of foods and recipes for the 7 day crash diet

  13. what happens after the first week? What do you put on the salad for ressing?

  14. I have started the 7-day crash diet by Dr. Fuhrman and in 2 days I have lost 2.5 lbs. I was amazed because I just finished the game on diet for 4 weeks had only lost 5 lbs. I feel great! I will keep going to reach my goals.

  15. Carrie Yenovich says:

    I’m fallowing the 7 day diet, I also purchased his book Eat to Live. There are a couple things I don’t understand. First you have the skinny drink with pomegranate juice but in the book it says “No Juice”. Second the 7 day you have oatmeal for breakfast but in the book it recommends just having fruit for breakfast. I hope someone can help! Thanks in advance…Carrie Yenovich

  16. Carrie you need to get 100% pomegranate juice. Then it is just like eating fruit.

  17. My husband and I are loving following Dr. Fuhrman’s plan. It took some time for us to collect all the ingredients to make the recipes but has been well worth it. Since last Wednesday I have lost 3.4 pounds since I really don’t need to lose that much I think it is a good start. But, we aren’t only doing it for weight loss we are doing it for our health. Also we hope it might help with our fertility issues. I’ll keep you posted & good luck everyone. One recipe I highly recommend is the chocolate cherry ice cream, it’s wonderful. Good Luck everyone!

  18. Lashell Williams says:

    I’m confused. Do we JUST drink the skinny shake for a week and THEN eat the foods recommended or is it blended?

  19. Hi, I love your show! I was wondering, how many times a day can I drink the skinny shake while on the 7 day crash diet? Also what’s the most anyone has lost from this?
    I’d appreciate any detailed answers.
    Thanks much

  20. Need some help with this plan. Do you just drink the shake, or eat the reccomended foods and shake? Can I have coffee? Need more info on this please, so that I can do it right. Thank you

  21. I’m assuming the oatmeal is not prepackaged, that is the plain oats made on the stove…. Also, when I start this clean eating, the while house will eat the same. How will this affect my kids weight? Neither are overweight and my daughter is already under her ideal weight for her age. What can I add to their diets to keep them from losing?

  22. Adrienne Rogatz says:

    I have severe osteo arthritis all over, doing well on Medifast but recently got off it and have bad inflamation. I thought going on Dr Fuhrman plan would be good or me. I would like to include the protein shakes from Medifast as I don’t believe Dr. Fuhrman plan offers enough protein for me. I am per-diabetic and still need to loose about 35 pounds.

  23. Patricia Van Duinen says:

    What exactly is the 7 day crash diet?? It is so vague. I bought the book Dr Fuhrman wrote and it doesn’t even mention a crash diet. I am very disappointed in Dr Oz. So why all this talk about a 7 day crash diet or was it just a way for Dr Fuhrman to sell his book?? As far as I can tell, there is no 7 day crash diet.

  24. I agree with others; this 7 day crash diet is so vague. Is there a list of what type of foods can be eaten and in what amounts? Is there menu suggestions? How often do you drink the skinny shake for breakfast? Is low fat cheese a no no or can it be eaten in small amounts? What is considered a healthy fat? Boiled eggs; are they allowed? Can Truvia sweetner, salad dressings, condiments of any kind be used? What about sea salt or other seasonings?

  25. Katie Cansler says:

    I have found quite a bit of information on the website. There is a magazine article about this which gives specific kinds of foods for each mean and how to blend them to make a bunch of different meals. I found it on the rack by the check out counter at Wal Mart last week. I think the book does not consider it a crash diet because they make it a point to say that it is a life style change. I believe that it may be considered a crash diet because when it’s started, people lose a lot of weight due to the difference in nutrition density.

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