Dr. Oz: Cruciferous Vegetables, Flax Seeds & Peanuts Harm the Thyroid


Dr. Oz: Health Foods That Harm Your Thyroid

Dr. Oz talked about the health foods that harm your thyroid. He asked his audience to bring their grocery lists. He talked to two friends, Joanna and Meredith, who brought their lists. Joanna is buying quinoa, kale, broccoli, and other great health foods. Meredith is buying a lot of more unhealthy items, like frozen waffles and two kinds of chips, tortilla chips and potato chips.

Dr. Oz: Cruciferous Veggies Hurt Thyroid

Dr. Oz: Cruciferous Vegetables, Flax Seeds & Peanuts Harm the Thyroid

Dr. Oz talked about health foods that can harm the thyroid, including cruciferous vegetables, flax seed, and peanuts. (Dream79 / Shutterstock.com)



  1. Gina says

    I don’t have thyroid. I take medication, dose the cruciferous vegetables affect the thyroid the same way.

    Thank you

  2. Regina Tinkham says

    My thyroid started becoming dysfunctional I believe due to my current immunotherapy treatments but I may be wrong. I am now on thyroid treatment and I have been on a low dosage of levothyroxine 75 mcg for approximately 3 months. It alarms me about the flax seeds because I have been taking it raw in my smoothies religiously. I hope this did not affect me too much. I quess I have to now get the flax seeds toasted.

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