Dr. Oz: Dairy Allergy Diet & Alternate Sources of Calcium + Vitamin D


Dr. Oz: Dairy Sensitivity Diet

Dr. Oz: Dairy Allergy Diet & Alternate Sources of Calcium + Vitamin D

Dr. Oz talked to Dr. Michael Roizen about his dairy sensitivity diet and how people with dairy allergies can overcome their symptoms. (kasha_malasha / Shutterstock.com)

Dr. Oz has been talking to Karen, a woman with a dairy sensitivity who has continued to eat dairy since she was 12, even though it gives her diarrhea, gas, and bloating. Dr. Oz introduced her to Dr. Mike Roizen, who had a dairy sensitivity plan for her. He’s also been off milk, ice cream, and cheese for 21 years. Dr. Roizen had some of the same symptoms as Karen, but his wife didn’t like the gas. So he looked up a way to live without dairy and he found plenty of great information. So he shared his plan with Karen after living on this plan for 21 years.

Dr. Oz: Cut Out Dairy for 2 Weeks

Dr. Roizen said the first step of the plan is to eliminate all dairy and lactose for two weeks. Then, write a journal of everything you eat and keep track of your symptoms. As you take the dairy away, your symptoms should go away as well. After two weeks, once you’re free of symptoms, you can start to add it back in a little at a time.

Dr. Oz: Add Dairy Back In

After the initial two weeks, add back a 1/2 cup of dairy a day. But continue to keep track of your symptoms. Start with hard cheese, because it has less lactose in it. If you don’t have symptoms in that first week, you can add another 1/2 cup the second week.

Dr. Oz: Vitamin D & Calcium Sources

The final step is to get the calcium and vitamin D from non-dairy sources. Dark green, leafy vegetables have a lot of calcium in them, so Dr. Roizen recommends eating those. Figs also have a lot of calcium in them, as well as beans and calcium. Dr. Roizen recommended a Vitamin D supplement as well, with at least 1,000 IUs a day. Dr. Roizen recommended taking the supplement over getting sun because it’s more important to protect yourself against the sun with sunblock.

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