Dr. Oz: Dangers of Phthalates & High Levels of Chemicals In Our Food


Dr. Oz: Dangers of Phthalates in Our Food

Dr. Oz talked about a family of chemicals that our found in our everyday food. They’re called phthalates and they used to be found in child toys and childcare products and we removed them for safety concerns. But phthalates are still added to plastics to make them more flexible. Now, a study has found them in our food. Research shows that exposure to these chemicals has been linked to weight gain and endometriosis in women, as well as respiratory problems and brain and behavior changes in infants and children.

Dr. Oz: Where Are Phthalates Found?

Dr. Oz: Dangers of Phthalates & High Levels of Chemicals In Our Food

Phthalates, a hidden chemical in our food, can increase a woman’s chance of getting endometriosis and cause waist gain. How do we protect ourselves and our children?


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    Thank you for bringing this issue of a chemical called Phthalates found in both many foods, and children’s toys. Thankfully, Dr. Oz has brought this matter to the attention of concerned citizens, and those that live in Canada who share in the comments of Dr. Oz. Our Industries in both countries should be mandated to remove Phthalates & other dangerous chemicals out of the food chain, and those found in children’s toys or other applications. As a Canadian, and also concerned with our neighbours, the Americans, I would like to know how to remove this chemical out of food. What is more important that Industries always taking the bottom dollar line as a priority.
    Thank you,
    Jean Taylor

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