Dr Oz: DASH Diet Sodium Guidelines & Dr Oz DASH Diet Recommendation


Dr Oz: Hidden Sources Of Sodium

Dr. Oz and several medical experts discussed the benefits of the #1 rated DASH Diet. It not only lowers your blood pressure, but it also helps you lose weight by eating healthy foods that are easy to find at your grocery store. Martha Heller shared her DASH Diet plan along with the specific foods to avoid during phase one of the program.

Dr Oz: DASH Diet Sodium Guidelines

One of the key factors of the DASH Diet is that it targets the salt in everyday meals. Registered Dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick told Dr. Oz that the average American consumes 3,500 milligrams of sodium a day, which is way too much. She explained the DASH Diet brings that number down to around 2,300 and in some cases as low as 1,500. Kristin believes that we should all be closer to the 1,500 per day rather than the 2,300, which can be challenging because of the hidden sodium in so many foods. It is important to become a label sleuth so you can know what to look for and which foods to avoid.


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