Dr Oz & Deepak Chopra: Wheat Germ & Acorn Squash Brain Boosting Foods


Acorn Squash: Brain Boosting Food

Deepak Chopra is on the Dr. Oz show today and his secrets to reversing memory loss and preventing Alzheimer’s may change your life. Deepak says the key is in what he calls the Super Brain, something that we are all in control of and can change so we remember more and live longer. So far in this show, Deepak Chopra: Reverse Memory Loss and Prevent Alzheimer’s, Deepak Chopra has talked about the 3 most common brain myths and how is it possible to beat them all with just a few very easy and simple techniques. Now learn about the brain boosting foods that can work for you.

Deepak Chopra’s Brain Boosting Foods

Dr Oz & Deepak Chopra: Wheat Germ & Acorn Squash Brain Boosting Foods

Deepak Chopra says that you are in control of improving your memory and preventing Alzheimer’s disease and his brain boosting foods can help you do just that.


  1. Tony says

    What was that last thing Chopra was going to say on the last part of Super Brain episode? I saw Part 1 through 3 and at the end of 3 after mentioning Sage he says something that only takes 5 minutes to do daily to boost the brain health but I didn’t get to see that as the video was cut off from there. What was that thing that takes 5 minutes??

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