Dr Oz: Diacetyl Free Foods vs Plant Sterols vs Artificial Flavor


Dr Oz: Diacetyl & Artificial Butter Flavor

Dr Oz already shared his ideas for Natural Sugar Substitutes. Now, after explaining the risks of Artificial Butter, he is sharing his ideas about how to avoid that as well. Better options include Plant Sterols and Whipped Butter.

Robin and Georgia from the audience were eager to learn the truth about butter substitutes. Georgia is a lawyer who is worried about keeping her mind sharp and wants to make sure her kids aren’t at risk.


  1. says

    Dawn, I would hope they would not. If you’re unsure and no information is on the label, you might be able to contact the manufacturer directly for ingredient information.

  2. says

    OK, what I was most concerned about was Earth Balance soy-free margarine, while actually not labelled organic, is non-gmo. I thought others might be interested in their response.

    “… We do not add diacetyl to any of our products. …”

  3. Sid says

    After being absolutely freaked out by this episode — my family has been using butter sprays for at least a decade — I called the ConAgra number on the back of “Parkay Fresh & Creamy Taste Spray.” I was informed that they do not use diacetyl in any of their products. Hopefully someone puts together a page of products that contain diacetyl.

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