Dr Oz: Diacetyl in Artificial Butter Flavor Causes Alzheimers Disease


Dr Oz: Artificial Butter Flavoring

Dr Oz spent this episode discussing what you need to know about Sugar Substitutes, Artificial Sweeteners, Metabolic Syndrome and Natural Sweeteners. He’s not shy about controversy, especially when it comes to topics like Arsenic Apple Juice or Brown Rice Arsenic. Next, he’s shining the spotlight on another artificial product we can’t get enough of: fake butter.


  1. Jo Ann Pilcher says

    This is a surprise to me and also a disappointment. I have been usng an artificial buttery spread for a couple of years now called Smart Squeeze. One tbsp. has ony 5 calories. The ingredients are. Water,modiied foodstarch (corn,) salt, natural flavor*, contains less than 2 percent of sugar, artificial (color,) Glucono-Delta Lactone (to protect freshness) Lactade acid, artificial flavor, Vitamin A,Palmate, Beta Carotene color, Potassium Sorbate, Calsium Disodium EDTA and TBHQ (to protect quality) *.adds a trivial amount of vegetable fat. I do not see any ingredient called Diacetyl, but could it still be in here under another name? Is there anything harmful in any of the ingredients I have listed? This product is owned and distributed by a company called GFA Brands, Inc.in Paramus, NJ 07652. Their phone number is 201-421-3970.

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