Dr Oz Diet Myths: Is It Harder for Women to Lose Weight?


Dr Oz: Biggest Diet Myths Exposed

You’ve been trying to lose weight since forever, but can’t seem to shed those pounds. Doctor Oz says it may be the myths you believe that prevent you from getting rid of the weight. On today’s show, Doctor Oz exposes the top 4 diet myths of all time that may be making you pack on the pounds, plus several other Health Myths were busted!  Is it harder for women to lose weight?  Does eating fat make you fat?  Are all calories created equally?  Do you burn fat easier by working out on an empty stomach?  Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to all of these questions, because soon you will!


  1. FRANCINE says

    may 1 i started the safslim and i got on the scale today to find to my dismay i gained 2lbs is there something wrong with me ? I even started working out and nothing

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