Dr Oz: Diet Personality Quiz & Best Diet for a Multi-Tasker


Dr. Oz: Who Should Do a Juice Cleanse?

Dr. Oz says if you have been unable to keep your New Year’s resolution to lose weight it might not be your fault. He explains that you might be on the wrong diet, so today he is helping you figure out your Diet Personality and get you back on track to shedding pounds!

Dr Oz: Diet Personality Type Quiz

Did you know that your likes, dislikes, and your overall personality can affect your ability to lose weight? Nutritionist Amanda Baten explains that even though we all have good intentions when we set goals for ourselves, there are often obstacles that get in the way, which is why she says it is important to figure out your diet personality. This is the best way to set yourself up for success rather than failure.


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    I’m glad I took this quiz (I’m really bad when it comes to dieting) so even there are only a few questions, it still somehow opened my eyes on what I am and what I need to get fit.

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