Dr Oz: Donatella Arpaia HCG Diet Success & Dr Oz HCG Recommendation


Dr Oz: Celebrity Chef HCG Diet Success

Dr. Oz has shared some important information regarding the controversial method of weight loss involving HCG shots to help people lose a large amount of weight in a short amount of time while following an extremely calorie restrictive diet. He outlined the side effects associated with receiving HCG Shots as well as how this diet compares to the Atkins Diet. Would you consider HCG shots to help you lose weight?

Dr Oz: Chef Donatella Arpaia Lost 35 Pounds On HCG Diet

Donatella Arpaia, a professional chef and Food Network star, told Dr. Oz that she learned about the HCG shot for weight loss after having a baby at 40-years-old and struggling to take off the weight. She said that Dr. Sheri Emma saw her cooking on the Today Show and contacted her for help with recipes for her HCG diet program. Donatella said that she also needed help losing weight, so she thought she would give HCG a try and see if it could work. She went on to say that while it did not completely stop her hunger, it definitely controlled it, which is something she believes she could not do without the HCG shots. Donatella told Dr. Oz that she had tried to lose weight eating around 1,200 calories a day and it was not working, but the 600-800 calorie diet combined with HCG shots helped her lose around 35 pounds.

Dr Oz: Donatella Arpaia’s HCG Diet Meals

Dr. Oz does not believe anyone should eat less than 1,200 calories unless they are under the care of a professional, but he asked Donatella to share some of her favorite recipes from the HCG Diet. She said that many of them came from Dr. Sheri Emma as part of her program, but Donatella made a few adjustments to the recipes, giving them a lot more flavor!


  1. gail knight says

    Is there a place on a website somewhere that I can get Donatella’s HCG recipes? Thanks so much.

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