Dr Oz: Dr Alejandro Junger Clean Gut Review & What Is Food Dumping?


Dr Oz: Alejandro Junger’s Clean Gut Review

Dr. Oz and Dr. Alejandro Junger shared the 3-Day Jump Start Cleanse to help you regain your energy and improve your overall health. They shared a prebiotic breakfast shake as well as the important supplements to take so you can heal your gut and stop feeling tired all the time.

Dr Oz: Dr Alejandro Junger Clean Gut Review & What Is Food Dumping?

Dr Alejandro Junger shared his three rules to prevent “food dumping” while on the 3-Day Jump Start Cleanse. Learn which foods should never be eaten together!

Dr Oz: What Is Food Dumping?

Dr. Alejandro Junger says even though foods are good for you when eaten individually, it does not mean they would be good when eaten together. He says nature did not intend for all foods to be eaten together, which can lead to what he refers to as “food dumping.” He shared his rules to help you prevent food dumping while on the 3-Day Jump Start Cleanse.


  1. kathy Leick says

    I have many food limitations due to nervous spastic colitis. Can I just not eat some of the foods that you recommend or do I have to follow the diet completely. I take Citrucel everyday to maintain a healthy colon, and to keep things moving. It has sugar in it..

  2. Jamus says

    Hey there. I’m from Canada. 10 years ago, my sister had major surgery for chrones. Despite loosing a large part of her bowl, she still had symptoms and felt rotton. Her daughter found herself in the same boat and saw a naturopath. She was told to give up gluten as they suspected a wheat intolerance. A month later, my niece felt amazing. After all this, my sister decided to give up gluten. A month later, she felt fantastic. she’s been gluten free for five years now. She just had an appointment with her special and was told she was in the best health ever and no signs of chrones. Long and the short, she never had chrones in the first place. they want to see her in 10 years.

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