Dr Oz: Dr Oz’s 3 Day Detox Cleanse & Dr Mark Hyman & Julieanna Hever

By on November 12, 2012

Dr Oz: Smoothie Cleanse vs Juice Fast

How excited are you about the Dr Oz Detox Drink Recipes and the Dr Oz Detox Shopping List (don’t forget to print this Dr Oz Printable Detox cheat sheet to put up on your fridge!)?  The Dr Oz 3 Day Cleanse could be a real game changer for many of us!  If you loved the Dr Oz 48 Hour Cleanse, then this will definitely excite you.  Have you ever felt frustrated because your weight loss efforts seem to be failing because no matter what you do you cannot seem to lose weight? Dr. Oz says it might not even be your fault that this is happening because of what he calls the biology of blubber. Doctor Oz and Dr. Natasha Turner have been unlocking the secret to Melt Your Fat Fast! How to Reset Your Secret Fat Loss Hormones. Dr. Turner says that the key to increasing your fat loss is to balance your hormones, which she says can easily be done through the foods that you eat. She also explains the one thing you can do when you go to bed at night that will help you burn fat while you are sleeping, but it probably isn’t what you are thinking.

Dr Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse

Dr. Oz says that more and more women are turning to detox fasts. From celebrities to regular Moms, women are buying into this craze, but these types of cleanses worry Dr. Oz because they lack essential nutrients and often send you into starvation mode. After extensive research and asking the advice of experts, Doctor Oz has created a cleanse for you that is safe, satisfying, and simple to do.

Dr. Oz says that all you need is a blender, 3 days, and $16 to cleanse and detox your body. He says that he even did it and lost 2 pounds, but he also says that he challenged some audience members to try it as well and some of them lost even more weight than he did. Dr. Oz says there was extensive research involved, as well as a consultation with his medical advisory board, to create this simply detox cleanse.

  • Day 1 – Eliminate harmful Toxins from your body
  • Day 2 – Replenish Important Nutrients
  • Day 3 – Reset and rebalance your body

Dr Oz: 3 Day Cleanse Blood Sugar Solution

Dr. Mark Hyman, author of The Blood Sugar Solution, says that many people believe that cleanses are hard and that you have to suffer through them, but that simply is not true. He goes on to say that this cleanse is good for almost everybody who wants to detox and start to feel better and sometimes, he says, people do not even realize how bad they were feeling until they start to feel good from this type of detox cleanse.

Dr Oz: Feel More Energized While Eating Fewer Calories

Julieanna Hever, a Plant-Based Dietician, asks how many of us actually chew our food really well. She says that most of us eat on the run and simply do not chew our food well enough to get the most nutrients. Julieanna explains that with plant based foods, the nutrients are found in the cell walls and we are not designed to break down cellulose, so throwing those foods into a blender and turning it into a liquid helps us to better absorb the nutrients.

Dr Oz: Body Detox Headaches

Dr. Oz says that often times when we do these types of cleanses we have those kinds of withdrawal pangs, so he asks Julieanna Hever if that will happen with this type of cleanse. She explains that this cleanse is different from water or juice fasts because it is smoothies and you will get a lot of fiber, which will help you feel full. She does, however, say that if you experience a headache or a little fatigue it is a good sign that your body is beginning to mobilize toxins and starting the detoxification process.

Dr Oz: Detox Cleanse Weight Loss Side Effect

Dr Oz's 3 Day Detox Cleanse

Dr. Oz says his 3 Day Detox Cleanse is easy and you will not only cleanse and detoxify your body, but you will even lose weight.

Dr. Mark Hyman says that weight loss is a wonderful side effect of this detox cleanse because people will get rid of excess fluids and flush out toxins from their bodies all while feeling better overall and even noticing improvement in their skin, eyes, and mind.

Dr Oz’s Detox Cleanse Day 1

Elimination – Your Kidneys and Liver will begin to get rid of the toxins that Dr. Oz, Dr. Hyman, and Julieanna have been talking about. Dr. Hyman says we live in a sea of 80,000 environmental toxins and we eat foods filled with toxins every day, but often do not make the connection with how all of these things are making us feel. Dr. Hyman says you could have problems like bowel trouble, sinus issues, muscle pain, joint pain, among other things, that could all be caused by your diet, so if you un-junk your diet and detox your body for a few days you can begin to see how these thing are all connected and begin to get relief.

Dr Oz’s Detox Cleanse Day 2

Replenish – Your organs, your brain, your immune system, your liver, and your gut will all begin to move towards optimal function, which is something they have not done in a long time.

Dr Oz’s Detox Cleanse Day 3

Reset – You will feel energized and your body will reset for that same reason. Dr. Oz wonders how it is possible to feel more energized when you are actually eating less calories during this cleanse. Julieanna Hever explains the reason for this is because the nutrients come out of the foods in the blender, so when you put it into your body it goes straight to the GI tract and instantly into your body, giving you tons of energy, plus you are flooding your body with much needed nutrients, which makes it feel excellent.

Dr Oz’s Pre-Cleanse Meal

Dr. Oz explains that your body is already starving because it is lacking many nutrients, which is why so many people want to do cleanses, but he cautions how important it is to ease your body into this type of detox with a pre-cleanse meal. Julieanna Hever explains the reason for this is because you do not want to shock your system, so spending a day before the cleanse to take out some of the processed foods that you already eat is important to get your body ready for the cleanse.

  • Black Rice – Black Rice is filled with antioxidants and is low in sugar.
  • Good Protein – Salmon or Chicken have amino acids that will help to flush out the toxins.
  • Greens with Garlic and Onions (kale, collards, chard, arugula) – These are all powerful detoxifiers

Dr Oz’s Cleanse Guidelines

Dr. Oz kept the plan simple and he knows it works because he did the cleanse for 3 days himself. He says you will deep clean your body for 3 days, drinking 4 power packed smoothies per day. Each of the smoothies will have about 350 calories, which mean you will take in about 1300 calories every day filled with nutrients you need to eliminate, replenish, and reset your body.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Dr Oz’s 3 Day Detox Cleanse & Dr Mark Hyman & Julieanna Hever

  1. I Cannot locatet the 3 day detox cleanse

  2. Enough with Dr. Oz!?! Dr Oz says eating cat poop helps skin look great…Dr. Oz says eating berries cures cancer…Dr. Oz says if you do this you will lose 459 pounds in just 4 days. I swear, I think this guy is making money off this stuff or something….oh wait.

  3. I also cannot find the 3 day detox receipes

  4. I can’t find the 3 day detox either.

  5. Where is this 3 dAY DETOX DIET. nO ONE CAN FIND IT???

  6. what is the smoothies contain in them? what all is it?

  7. You can find the Dr Oz Detox Drink Recipes, along with the Dr Oz Detox Shopping List the following link: http://www.wellbuzz.com/dr-oz-recipes/dr-ozs-3-day-detox-cleanse-drink-recipes-printable-shopping-list/

  8. Where are the recpies???? Where is the shopping list that was promised on the show?

  9. You are telling me I have to buy a book” Forget you

  10. the recipe is there, you have to click on the verbiage that says; dr.oz recipe and dr. oz shopping list. it is very frustrating b/c we are looking for the chart that he was holding.

  11. I found the page that Dr Oz held up on the show but it was very small. After looking further googling Oz 3 day detox cleanse I found it. They give you a printable page that is very clear.

  12. dr oz i cant find your recepie for the 3 day detox please send it to me thank u i ve been strugling with my weight all my life also one of your shows two things wore given for wrinkle i cant find it either thank u

  13. You can print out the following cheat sheet that is complete with the detox shopping list and the Dr Oz detox drink recipes. Just put it up on your fridge or to take with you to the grocery store to help you with Dr Oz’s 3 Day Detox Cleanse: http://www.wellbuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/DrOz3DayCleanseShoppingList2.png

  14. I am excited to try the 3-Day Detox….however I cannot seem to find out the guidelines for hydration consumption during the detox. Can I drink as much water as I want ????

  15. I don’t understand why all these people are having a hard time finding the 3 day detox diet. The link for it is right there on the website under episodes, clear as day. I was able to print out the shopping liist and daily chart very easily. I started it yesterday, one day after the show aired. I must have a ton of built up toxins releasing too fast because I felt awful last night.

  16. where is the 3 days the 3 days detox smoothies recipe?? where can i find those?

  17. where is the 3 days detox recipe? the smoothies i mean please i want to have those

  18. I am coming off the cleanse tomorrow and I feel great. I didn’t weigh or measure myself but I do feel good. I made a scalloped potato dish for our Thanksgiving company potluck. There was food everywhere. I felt no desire to eat anything that would disrupt my cleanse. There were times when I felt thirsty, and I didn’t know if I could drink water – the cleanse does not state this. Otherwise, I did not feel hungry at all. What foods can I eat to break the fast?

  19. I finished my cleanse last night. I feel really good no longer bloated amazing how much my body retained water. I actually lost 8 lbs which seems like a ridiculous amount. Though my skinny jeans do fit again. The lunch shake was awful hard to choke down. I could continue something like this with the breakfast and supper shake but the lunch one I gagged a few times. I am dissappointed in oz for poor instructions on this cleanse. Plus his following show he had a new diet on. So not sure how many diets/cleanses he supports.
    Feel good though we will see how I feel after introducting foods again.

  20. Donna-Toronto says:

    I am on day three and finally feeling better. Headache’s and extremely tired the first two. I intend on going a few days more. I do not find 4 drinks throughout the day is sufficient as I am very hungry at the end of dinner. Can we drink water throughout juices? Can I have a celery stick or piece of apple in times of hunger? The lunch drink is disgusting to drink and nearly choked on the smoothie. I put less coconut oil in and addes stevia to the drink to make it a little sweet. The drinks are not “good” or tastey -being an avid fruit smoothy drinker- as Dr. Oz claims, but I am certainly hoping I see some results. On day three, I feel energized and am certainly glad I followed the cleanse. Here in Toronto, this cleanse did not cost 16 dollars a day. With all ingredients, I paid over $130 to purchase. So, not true on the financial end.

  21. Louan Springer says:

    I tried the 3 day detox, but only lasted one day.
    I don’t eat much each day so I found this trying to drink 3 drinks very difficult.
    I hated the lunch drink and couldn’t drink more than 3 or 4 oz of it.
    By dinner I had such debilitating pain in my stomach, I had to go to bed curled up
    in a ball face down in my pillow. I think its just too much fiber for me.
    I was disappointed because I went out and bought all the ingredients needed for 3 days.
    I am back to my usual diet now and maybe I’ll try it again sometime in the future. Reluctantly :(

  22. Just finished day two. I also gagged on the lunch smoothie. I am not looking forward to drinking one more of those. Had a headache the first day, but that subsided today. Hoping to feel that energy burst tomorrow. In answer to all’s questions regarding water, Dr. Oz did say on the show that you can drink water. No problem. I feel a bit bloated today. Does anyone else? FYI, I paid about $70 for the ingredients…all organic, it seemed silly to do a cleanse and not have organic whole foods.

  23. Itsjustgigi says:

    I am on day three and am surprised at all the fussing over the taste of the shakes. I found them not bad at all. I’ve read a lot of complaining about stomach pain too. Every time I try probiotics I have the same response, pain and nausea. I suspect that has a lot to do with people writing here too. I’m following the diet to the tee except no probiotic…No tummy problems here! I’ve lost 3 pounds so far. It’s nice getting rid of the excess water and toxins. I feel great!!!

  24. This diet is horrible! I spent over 60$ on the food only to almost vomit it all back up because it was so bad I did not expect good but i did not expect it to be this bad.

  25. You need to drink alot of water to help with removing of the toxins also for hydration. I am on day 3, had no problem and the smoothies were good.

  26. I am on day 3 only have dinner drink to go. I am soooo thankful lunch drinks are over!!! DISGUSTING. Breakfast was the best. Dinner is okay. I would not do this cleanse again only because of the lunch drink. (that’s how bad lunch was) I did not have an upset stomach at all or headaches. I did skip the snack drink because of my schedule and still wasn’t hungry. So far lost 3 pounds haven’t checked today though. I would suggest doing this particular cleanse once for sure. If I could get past the taste of the lunch drink then this would be the perfect cleanse.

  27. Just finished my last day. I’m tucked into bed After my warm epsom salt bath. Day 3 is awesome. I have energy like I had 10 years ago. The test for me is to see if I can sleep tonight. Lost 4 pounds. Found if I reduce the celery to 2 pieces of the light green, inner stalks, the lunch shake becomes palatable. Night night.

  28. I totally agree with Jaren. The first lunch shake was hard to take so I reduced the celery to 2 pieces in the shake, way better. I just ate the other two. By the third day the lunch shake was not so bad.

  29. Am on day 3 but I have no information on what to do after today lost 5 lbs but I do not want to gain it back tomorrow what do I do

  30. I’m on day one and just preparing the lunch shake do you juice 1/2 a lime or just throw the hole thing in rind and all.

  31. bought ingredients and ready to go, but: PROTEIN: why no protein in this cleanse, body needs amino acids or nutritional deficiencies occur and body burns lean muscle mass to use as protein. Dont want to burn my muscle mass as I worked hard to gain muscle. Will adding organic non isolate cold processed high quality whey protein powder to some of the smoothies alter the 3 day detox in any significant way or must i strictly adhere to the no protein for 3 days?

  32. Second day, post cleanse. My appetite has been greatly reduced. I have no desire for sweets. Come off the cleanse and just eat healthy. Incorporate more fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein. I am keeping the blender out and making frozen blueberries, raspberry, frozen kale, banana, Greek yogurt smoothie for breakfast or mid afternoon snack. This cleanse taught me that you can be full and satisfied with just fruits and vegetables.

  33. Lunch shake—- I followed the recipe and drank 1 cup, but to make it more tolerable the 2nd time, I only used 1/4 lime and I peeled it. Also, I only used 2 celery stalks instead of 4 and I peeled the apple. Much better the 2nd time!

  34. Drinking Day 2 Lunch now. I also peeled the lime this time and that made a difference but still rough to get down. I’m wondering if I added the ceyenne pepper from the dinner shake to the lunch shake and heated it to eat as a soup if it would be better and also if it would change the effects of the clense. I am not a fan of the flax so I mixed my tablespoon with water this morning and drank it down right before the breakfast shake. So much better without it so I’ll do the same with the dinner shake.

  35. My husband and I are on Day 2 of detox. Felt cranky and headache on day 1. Feel much better on day 2. Somewhat confused on the amounts. When I blend all the ingredients I am getting a full blender. That is 3 x16oz tumblers filled w/ smoothie. Do I drink it all??? That is an soo much. I made my breakfast smoothie using the dinner recipe. I had approx 16 oz before gym then had another 16 oz after and I am finishing the 3rd 16 oz. and it is Lunch time, Very confused on how much to consume at each meal. $16 my a**! I easily spent over $200 +. I wish it was spelled out a little more clearly. It says 1 1/2 coconut water. 1 1/2 WHAT??? Cups, liters??? What do we do after the cleanse? Is there a menu we can follow so all our hard work doesn’t go to waste? HELP!

  36. I checked other cleanses and it doesnt seem to matter what veggies (spinach, kale, collards, broccoli, swiss chard, other greens you use, as long as its not all fruit and vegetable based. Also other fruits are allowed in place of the ones on the list, ie. melons. Its not rocket science, just a way to liquify good clean healthy food choices to detox and cleanse and add fruit to make the vegetables go down more palatable. Protein powder whether whey or vegetable based powder can definitely be added so as to provide amino acids, at least 2 of the 4 shakes a day so your body doesnt use your muscle for protein source over the 3 day cleanse. That weakens your muscles so when you resume eating they wont work as hard to burn the calories as they will be compromised. Do your own research before commencing.

  37. I did the 3 day detox and felt great.. The drinks weren’t bad and I was able to do it to a tee.. I stuck to my guns.. Not sure why people are spending so much.. I didn’t buy the probiotics as I don’t need them.. I don’t eat processed foods, so never had/have any problems.. I did loose weight i think it was about 4 to 5 lbs.. I would like to to continue, but not sure it is wise since it is consider a detox………. I think I spent $30.00.. maybe less..

  38. Jewel-Mzuri Satchell says:

    Just started the three day cleanse yesterday with my daughter, Kerri. The tea was fine. The cleanse drinks did not taste good at all. Really Dr. Oz, I heard you say they were delicious! Did my daughter make them wrong? The bath was wonderful. I believe that my organs got a workout because I passed water all night long. As long as it doesn’t kill me, I am going to look for positive results. At age 74, I love positive results. I don’t mean to sound negative. I am just trying to be honest.
    Thanks so much.

  39. I just started this cleanse and so far, no problems. I agree with the “vagueness” of the recipes–a little confusing. The reason I came here was b/c I didn’t know if 1/2 a lime meant the lime or the juice. I did the lime and it is the only thing that makes the lunch drink texture a little weird. I find the flavor just fine, though. Also, for those of you concerned about protein, there is protein in the almond butter/milk, spinach, kale, cucumber, mango, raspberries, blueberries, bananas–even in the celery! It might be only 1 g for each, but with as much as each smoothie has, unless you are an elite athlete, you should be o.k.!

  40. On day one and just finished the lunch shake. GROSS. I actually liked the breakfast shake and thought the cleanse would actually be easier than I thought…then I tried the lunch shake. Just hoping the dinner shake is as good as the first one. Will try peeling the apple and cutting back on the celery to see if that helps. I cannot believe that anyone could do this cleanse in the budget Dr. Oz recommends. I went to the store yesterday and bought everything on the list except lavender drops (they were $15 alone), vitamins & probiotic (already had them) and Almond Milk (forgot it) and spent $78.

  41. Started today. Loved the moning smoothie but added a little Stevia to it, also used way more greens than suggested.
    The lunch smoothie looks yummy, too, but, then, I like savory flavors, I think of it as yummy blended soup. One could even warm it a tiny bit to fool the brain, because so much is about expectations and if your brain equates soup with warm, then warm it up a bit. The same with if your brain says smoothie equals sweet, then you will be disappointed, so think of it as soup. .

    Re cost of ingredients: buying fresh berries in the middle of winter and so out of season is insane, so I buy them frozen. I also make my own almond milk: 1 c almonds soaked overnight, blended the following morning with 2-3 c water and strained through a nut milk bag or a paint strainer bag, which is a lot cheaper. My cost came to $46 this morning, without the vitmins which I already have.

  42. Husband and I both did this for 3 days. DInner smoothie was our favourite. We normally eat healthy organic and unprocessd foods. This diet is for “beginners” who dont eat healthy. We did not lose any weight or detox, as we normally eat all the vegetables, minus all that fruit except for some fresh or frozen rasp. and blueberries which we eat a little daily due to the unnecessary sugar in the fruit. Kale salad for lunch and spinach salad for dinner for us is the norm, with some oven roasted or steamed brussels, broccoli, onion, peppers and a healthy organic protein fish, chicken, turkey, pork, veal, beef and occasionally beans (due to high carbs/sugar for normal consumption). C’mon people, be creative, you can mix any vegetable you like with any fruit you like (less fruit if you want to lose weight and control insulin and belly fat) add some organic no hormone protein powder (whey) or vegetable protein powder. You can do a daily shake forever, to replace one of your meals or snacks and start little by little towards better health and diet.

  43. The cleanse was fantastic. ALL the shakes were delicious. I enjoyed the detox bath. Side effect??? Yes….5 pounds lighter. I plan to do a detox every quarter or so.

  44. How often can you do this cleanse?

  45. Only made it through day 1. Night of day one, had migraine headache so bad I couldn’t sleep. Shakes were okay, but cost was ~ $110 for ingredients.

    Wish I could have followed through.

  46. To the person who ask why no protein.. There is protein; Nut butter, Coconut oil and Avocado and good fats from these proteins. With all that you’re consuming you are getting a great source of protein, fats, nutrients, minerals and antioxidants benefits, just to name a few… Enjoy!

    For a newbie (I was a newbie, too), this is all in baby steps…it’s a new way of eating healthy, but it will take some time for sure! Your taste buds will take time to change from eating processed foods to eating whole foods. For the people who don’t like it and are having trouble staying with it.. It’s because this is new and it will take some time.. Every step is a good step…. Keep plugging away………

  47. I started the cleanse today and I just finished my snack smoothie, whch was a repeat of the lunch smoothie. These smoothies are not bad (I juiced the lime) at all. Just know that this is something different for most. When you are used to smoothies packed with fruits and added sugars, than these are gonna taste “different” so try and embrace the difference. Like some of you, my grocery bill wasnt that high because most of the items are staples in my house, because I juice and make fruit and veggie smoothies for the kids too.

  48. Almost done with day 2. I was starving day 1 and didn’t sleep well but I was 3 lbs lighter this morning :) Feel great today and full of energy. Great cleanse

  49. Just finished day 1. Love the shakes! I have a Vitamix and i must say it makes all the difference, did not encounter any of the problems with the afternoon shake like so many others have.
    The Vitamix pulverizers the food so well, it made the noon shake very easy to drink.the Vitamix is expensive, but well worth it if you plan to continue incorporating thses smoothies into your daily life.

  50. I wanted to add that i am not really that hungry except for wanting the usual night time munchies! Am resisting and about to take my first detox bath.
    I too, eat relatively healthy;but after thanksgiving I had plenty to detox!

  51. Starting day 2. I was close to giving up after waking this morning with the worst headache ever. (I’m a relatively healthy eater too) I decided to drink my tea & lots of water and it’s better. I’ll stick with it. The only drink I actually like is the breakfast one but can tolerate the other 2. I’m just hoping to feel better soon & to have all the energy that everyone says I will tomorrow.

  52. Finished the cleanse yesterday. I also almost gave up the morning of day 2 when i woke up with a massive headache but did the same thing and downed tea and water and a breakfast shake and ended up feeling much better. I couldn’t bring myself to drink the lunch shake again, so I just ate every component separately. Couldn’t stand the taste of the pepper with the fruit in the dinner smoothie so I made a smoothie without the pepper and avacado and then made spicy guacomole them. MUCH better. Lost about 4 pounds on it and am now starting Dr Oz 7 day diet of 90% fruits/veg/nutrient rich foods/beans and 10% meats and fats. Thanks to the detox, I’m not even craving foods that are bad for me and I am actually looking forward to the healtheir foods on this diet.

  53. I am at the end of day two. I could not tell from the instructions if is this was a juice diet or smoothie diet. I couldn’t find anything about the pre-cleanse eating before I started so I just ate my normal food. I am a juicer and when I saw the afternoon drink, I figured it had to be juiced. No one puts celery and a whole cucumber in a blender. I have a Vitamix and a juicer. So I decided to blend my morning and evening drinks and juice the afternoon and it was great. Now I see they are all blended. There is a lot of fiber and I’m having trouble with it. I’m sure I’m supposed to blend the lunch drink but then I’d probably throw up so I’ll just juice it. I lost 1 lb after the first day and am hopeful to take off another 1 or 2. Now I’d like to know how you go back to eating on day 4 so you don’t undo all what you’ve done. There was very little out there on prep and follow up. Just the 3 day diet plan. What gives?

  54. First, I just finished 3-day detox last nite. It was easy to find plan on website and easy to shop and follow. Yes, the drinks were only slightly challenging to prep and drink, but overall okay. There could have been a bit more details, bit common sense has to prevail – if you are thirsty, drink water! I have to say, today (first day off) I feel GREAT! I am energized – so much more energy than I have felt in months. I lost the 5lbs I put on while traveling and back down to 125#!

    Second, I noticed a negative comment or two about Dr. Oz. I would personally like to thank him. I think it is so admirable that he is making the masses aware of lifestyle changes that, if everyone followed, would make the US’ 2/3 pop. obesity epidemic disappear. He does so without endorsements, without book deals, without product placements, without his own line of supplements, etc. His motives are truly living up to his Hippocratic oath. We should all be grateful for the advice he imparts – the greatest profit reaped will be in your improved health!

  55. Best advice for this cleanse, don’t do it alone. Lunch shakes are bad, but my girlfriend and I drank ours together instead of our usually wine lunches. Helps alot. Very expensive to do in Hawaii, but we do think we improved!

  56. Made it through. I can’t believe that I didn’t feel hungry or crave anything. I do agree the lunch shake is not as palatable as the others. Also wish there was a menu to follow after day three. Feel very good and see and feel changes in the three days. Water a must. Would do it once a month to give digestive system a rest. Thumbs up.

  57. Was expensive , and better to do with someone. But all in all worth it. Learned a lot about my body. Looking at eating differently.

  58. On day 1… Just did the lunch shake and by the third gulp I was gagging so bad that I couldn’t finish the shake… Not what I expected.. Not sure I can follow through with the lunch shake… Any suggestions?

  59. April Smith says:

    Day1 of the detox. I am sooo determine to jumpstart a new healthy way of eating and cleansing my body; however, I CAN NOT get this lunch drink down. It is too thick and chunky, any suggestions???

  60. April.. I’m having the same problem with the lunch shake… It actually almost made me throw up! I was looking for suggestions as well.

  61. JoAnn Lange says:

    I am on day 2 – didn’t think I would last this long but I have made a few modifications that might help.
    The breakrast shake was ok but this morning I did the spinach separate with a little water and drank it like a shot. The rest on the shake was then awesome!
    With the lunch shake I did the same thing with the kale (drank it seperate). I threw in a couple of extra chunks of pineapple and a splash more of the almond milk – so great!!! Also, with the celery I took the innermost tender stalks and cut them up very small before putting them in the blender.
    Hope this helps – big change for me – I feel great and am going to stick with it:-)

  62. I am on day 3 – thought I would pass on a couple of tips. Down 7lbs so far and feel pretty good. I did this with my wife who is also down 7lbs.

    1. Breakfast Shake – I doubled the almond butter. I just find the little extra fat goes a long way in helping with the hunger pains….espcially on day 1.
    2. Lunch Shake – I cut celery in half and used more spinich in its place. The celery really overwhelms everything else. I also blended this shake within an inch of its life to get it as smooth as possible. Lastly I ate it with a spoon so it would be more like eating a meal.
    3. Dinner Shake – I doubled the avocado. It goes brown so quickly that it made sense to use a whole one (1/2 per shake). I also left out the cayenne pepper. I hated it in the shake.

    Good luck to everyone.

  63. April Smith says:

    I finished my detox Wednesday night and wish I could have went longer. I surely can tell a difference in my sleep, my face, BM, and the pain Ive been having from a broken knee a couple of years ago. I am down 5.5lbs and will plan to do this again when I get some more dollars lol. I did everything as directed except the second and third day of the lunch I only did 2 1/2 celery and peeled half of the cucumber, more pineapple and almond milk. I was actually able to drink the entire thing as a smoothie. Because of that it made it easier and motivated me more. I am feeling a different feeling now with the post-detox, especially every time I eat O_o. I was not normal before.

  64. Day One. Awaiting the detox bath and looking forward to it. No headache. Not running to the bathroom. Didn’t weigh myself before hand, as this is primarily to detox the “bad stuff” in my system and optimize the “good stuff” on the Cleanse. No real issues with the shakes except they are gritty. Feel like I have to brush my teeth from the seeds. I love celery and cukes so lunch wasn’t too bad. Anxious to see what the end result feels like!!! Would like to do the 7 day diet after this…

  65. It is the morning of Day 3. I wish I had read this site before starting for the suggestions in changing the lunch, but I adapted as well. Breakfast was wonderful and I will definitely continue this shake regularly. Lunch…well, I used a small chopper to finely cut the cucumber (peeled) and celery and then the apple and pineapple before adding it to the blender. I have an old blender and it couldn’t handle all of the pulp. I juiced the lime. We also ate lunch with a spoon because it was so thick. Certainly not “yummy” but it was bearable.
    Dinner..on the first night I didn’t have any cayenne and just used a little red pepper. tolerable. On the 2nd night I added cayenne and had to dump the whole shake and start OVER. NO CAYENNE. Both my husband and I gagged and it immediately burned my stomach.
    What I really want to know is about quantity. 1 set of ingredients for lunch and dinner makes 2 glasses, so we each had 1. Were we supposed to have 2 glasses each? As a result, I overbought food and spent way more money than needed. Dr. Oz rocks…but..why isn’t he or his Dr.’s following this site and answering questions?

  66. wellbuzz.com is not endorsed by or in any way affiliated with Dr. Mehmet Oz

  67. Tracey Del Rio says:

    can you use frozen fruit as a supstitute?

  68. So little information unless I just missed something. I didn’t realize I wasn’t Supposed to peel… I peeled the cucumber, lime, and avacodo. I too am puzzled about the amount of smoothie; it seems excessive. I’m only on day 1 so we’ll see what happens.

  69. Finished the 3 day cleanse. Didnt feel uncomfortably hungry until the end of the third day. the breakfast shake was fine the other 2 less than great. my concern now is that I have terrible leg cramps at night that I did not have before. certainly hope that won’t last forever. the cost is far greater than 70 some odd dollars. I had some of the items in my pantry already.

  70. Blessedmomof2 says:

    I am on my third day and last shake. I am doing this as part of a mission to take better care of my self and get a closer relationship with God. So far, it has been very enlightening. It’s amazing how we get addicted to so many things in our diet…caffeine, sugar, bread…ect. We need to treat our bodies like jesus would want us to….they are our temple. I have also lost 2 lbs so far. Prayers for everyone on a mission to take better care of themselves!

  71. Just started today with my husband. Breakfast drink was ok but lunch was aweful! I repassed it in the blender and added more water and it went down a bit better but the taste was still the same. My husband couldn’t finish the drink, only had half. We skipped the snack and made the supper drink hoping to have more luck but the taste was not what we were hoping for. Too grainy…I think it may be the flaxseed. Tomorrow I’ll cut down on the celery for the lunch drink to see if it turns out a bit better. Good luck to all!…

  72. Finished day 2 and made many modifications. Don’t know if we were allowed to, but we found it easier to eat the ingredients rather than drink them. Much better! Actually had a feeling of contentment. We may have lost a few nutrients by steaming the Kale & spinach, but they were easier to down. We even made a salad with the ingredients and sprinkled lemon juice on them! Last day today..I’m actually feeling less tired than I normally do. My husband looks like a whipped dog…I think he’s secretly longing for a steak :-)..one more day to go Hubby…

  73. I am on day 2 of the detox. I am almost gave up, but i called my sister and she encourage me to keep going. The breakfast and dinner smoothie i enjoyed. The lunch pee-whew ,but i drank it. i didn’t do the probiotic supplement, for i felt there was no need. I haven’t been to the bathroom, since i started. Why? The bath is wonder. Once, i am done. what foods should i gradually easy into?

  74. I just completed a 21-day fast with my church. The first week I did the Master Cleanser, and then I did the Dr Oz 3-day Detox this past weekend. I followed the diet to the T and lost 4 lbs after the 3rd day and a total of 13.8lbs after the 21 days of my Daniel Fast. As everyone states, the lunch shake was A LOT and nasty, but I stomached it because I really wanted to see how this would make me feel in the long run. The lunch shake took me about 4 hours to drink the first day, and I was too full to drink the dinner, but the second and 3rd day, I left out the kale stem, so it wasn’t as thick. I spent around $150 for all the ingrediants, but I bought more fruits and vegatable than needed and cooked the kale and blended the rest of the fruit for the last few days of my Daniel fast, which made very delicious smoothies. I don’t regret doing this. Although it was expensive, my skin is clearer. I had dark spots (fungus) on my toenails and they have cleared up, which I was not expecting. The lavendar bath did make me sleepy and I had a very restful nights sleep and continue to put lavender and epson salt in my baths to this day. My energy level has ski-rocketed and I was able to jog an entire 30 mins on my threadmill. I was never able to do that before. I fully recommend this detox if you are able to stomach the smooties. My only question is, if I want to do this again, how often should it be done? Once a month? Every other week? Does anyone have any recommendations on that?

  75. I am on the 3rd day (of my 3rd attempt), and this time I have stuck with it faithfully. I must be odd because I think the lunch shake is delish. I do have a concern. I am a type 2 diabetic, and this morning my fasting blood sugar was very high. I had noticed that the last time I attempted the cleanse, but thought it might be for other reasons. I haven’t check it after the shakes to see what the affect is. Can anyone explain why this would happen? The shakes are so healthy, with no added sugar. Even with the fruits and vegetables, I can’t imagine these shakes are over the recommended limit of carbs per meal for proper blood sugar control. Perhaps the snack shakes, since a snack should be 0 to 15 carbs, and I think a banana alone is over 30. I am determined to see this through the rest of the day, but I don’t think I’ll do it again for this reason.

  76. Amy Duff says:

    I’m wondering if this is a good thing for someone to do that has type 2 diabetes he is taking
    medication for his high sugar is this a good thing and not eating any meals

  77. I too found this site because I was looking for clarity on the detox instructions. If this is clearly a beginner level detox what “common” sense would we be using to modify Dr. Oz’s scarce instruction? This site, thankfully, was very helpful as I’d rather chew poo than take another sip of this lunch concoction. I am commited to this first step – one of many first steps into a healthy lifestyle (I finished P90X last year) so I will be purchasing a juicer for day two hopng that will make lunch less of a torture. I own a Blendtec and it has been my best friend through my long journey. My plan going forward is to begin the DASH diet on day four and keep that going for life.

  78. I know it is important to care for our body and do the best we can to keep it healthy. But,after going to the store to buy all the ingredients to make these shake, I about passed out from the sticker shock. This cleanse is expensive. You don’t spend $16.00 but rather more like $160.00. Perhaps when you do the math and break it down to per unit size. Kind of tricky to say $16.00, I think.

  79. i did the cleanse last week and did not loose a pound. i drank about a gallon of water a day took all the vitamins and exercised about and hour or more each morning….which is my normal routine anyway. i found the lunch shake awful and substiuted it third day for 2 dinner shakes and 2 breakfast shakes. i did feel bloated all day long nut did have more energy….i would consider a liquid cleanse again but a less bloating and better mix of ingredients!!
    however i still cannot get ovet the fact that i did not loose a pound!!!!!

  80. Well both my husband and I are on day 3 shakes are not bad. It is fairly expensive not $16 a day far from it. This maybe strange but both of us were very cold for the 3 days no extra energy as some people have commented so these shakes are lacking something more protein maybe and neither of us have seen any weight loss and we following everything to a tee. Maybe you see the difference a few days later?


  82. I googled Dr. Oz’s three day cleanse and it came right up.. I did yhe cleanse a couple weeks ago and did great! Was not hard for me, i felt full i did make sure i had a morning shake another at 1:00 pm (didn’t wait if i wasnt feeling hungry) then another about 6:00 pm keeping on schedule helped me i think. Now on day three we wend to bike week daytona beach and i did not eat or drink! Think of all the food I had to smell cooking by all the vendors.. Wow.. I did it and it wasnt that difficult.. I woulda liked a beer but i resisted and it paid off i lost 2 1/2 inches off my waist and lost 3 pounds and it was a great kick start for me! I never felt better.. Now something i didn’t expect is before the cleanse i had to have my coffee first thing in the morning. After the fast i just drink green tea in the am like i did on the fast, it totally helped kick the coffee.
    I totally loved the coffee but would often crash early afternoon now that doesn’t happen!!
    Helpful tip.. Buy almond butter at sams club you get big jar for 6 dollars and it can be expensive at grocery stores 6 $ for a small jar, get flax seed at Costco you get huge bag and it has ALA’s like dr oz recommended.. I bought my first bag at GNC got small bag for same price.. I was floored how expensive raspberries are and substituted the big bag of mixed berries sold at Costco and sams club and it worked for me
    Oh and a huge tub of coconut oil you can get at costco.. I eat oatmeal now I’m off the fast but add cocount oil berries and flax as well as a tablespoon almond butter to it..hope this info helps.. Bt the way i didnt get headaches at any time during the fast like I read some other folks said they did..

  83. Hey i also want to say to the above person asking how to eat after the cleanse, just eat healthe and portion control.. I luv chocolate and it can be addictive but the cleanse helped me get rid of the craving for it.. I will try and just not eat it because it will ruin all i have accomplished.. Eat smoothies add greens to them for breakfast and add the flax.. Eat as much un processed foods as you can like salads veggies fish chicken, i keep away from fast food because its junk!! I didnt eat it before the fast either though.. With the internet its easy to research the healthiest foods.. Good luck everyone!!

  84. I am on day 2 of the cleanse and feel great (except for a headache which supposedly is normal). The shakes are very large so I am not hungry at all – in fact, its too much food. Turns out to about 2-3 cups of smoothies each meal. I agree with most of you that the lunch smoothie is not great. The first time I drank it, I almost threw up. Its not so much the taste but the texture and smell of kale. On the second day, I added 1/2 cup of raspberries and an additional tablespoon of lime juice to my lunch drink and blended everything to a fine consistency. It was much much better and I was able to finish everything with no problem. The raspberries and lime were my life saver. I would definitely do it again in a couple of months and will know to buy extra raspberries and limes to add to my lunch smoothie. The sourness really helped to mellow out all the kale and celery.

  85. Appreciating the dedication you put into your website and in depth information you present.
    It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed material.
    Fantastic read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your
    RSS feeds to my Google account.

  86. This ‘energy’ Phentermine users miss is actually the result of tthe drig being a member of the amphetamine ‘ or crystal meth ‘
    family, with simlar addictive effects. The most important
    side effects to be concerned about is the fact
    this drug can cause elevated blood pressure and an increase in your heart rate.
    While in some rare occurrences this may be true the one thing
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    you are breaking the law aand if caught will bee prosecuted.

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