Dr Oz: Dr Robert Skversky Combo Diet Pills: Latest Diet Craze


Dr Oz Combo Diet Pills

Dr Oz: Combo Diet Pills

Dr Oz spoke about Combo Diet Pills with Dr Robert Skversky, because Combo Pilling is the latest diet craze sweeping the nation.  Doctor Oz said that people are losing weight without exercise or changing their diet while taking Combo Diet Pills, which is where you take two drugs that are more effective together than separately.  However, these pills are not Diet Pills, they are meant to treat serious things like epilepsy and depression.  Click here to also read about the lady on the Dr Oz Show who had terrible side effects from these Combo Diet Pills: Dr Oz: Combo Pilling.

Dr Oz: Fen-Phen Combo Diet Pill

Dr Oz said the idea of Combo Diet Pills was born in a Kansas City Airport where a pharmacologist came up with the idea Dr Oz Combo Diet Pillsof combining two drugs to treat weight loss.  When he got back home, he started treating people with this double pill regime and after 8 months, they lost 32 pounds.  This first Combo Diet Pill was called Fen-Phen and became an overnight sensation.  But in 1997, trouble hit Fen-Phen because Fenfluramine (one of the pills in the Combo Diet Pill) was pulled from the shelf because it was associated with Heart Valve Disease.  Since then, the FDA has not approved any Combo Pill Therapy, but some doctors are prescribing it on their own anyway.  Is Combo Pilling safe though?

Dr Oz: Dr Robert Skversky Diet Pills

Dr Oz said that Orlistat, commonly known as Alli, is the only FDA approved drug to treat weight loss, but it has negative side effects like cramping and leakage.  Doctors like Dr Robert Skversky have created their own Diet Pill Cocktail by combining drugs that are commonly used as Appetite Suppressants, Seizure Medications, Anti-Depressants and Anti-Diabetic Drugs.  Dr Skversky said that obesity is like Diabetes, in that it is a chronic disease, meaning that you need a long term therapy.  He said he has had thousands of successful patients for many years, including Leslie who came on the Dr Oz Show.

Dr Oz: Combo Diet Pill Benefits

Dr Oz asked Dr Skversky how much weight do people seem to lose on average from Combo Diet Pills?  He said that weight loss results are based on genetics, sensitivity to medicine and a person’s compliance, but around 34-35 pounds of weight loss is about average.  Dr Oz said that he is prescribing a mixture of drugs that are usually used to treat serious conditions, so where did this idea come from to use them for weight loss?  Dr Skversky said that initial studies done on Seizure Medications found that patients had significant weight loss as a side effect of the medicine, plus the drugs are approved all the way down to children 2 years of age, so it must be fairly safe according to Skversky.


  1. Tina says

    Yes, I would…where do I find this Dr. 🙂
    I used to take Phen-Fen back in the 90’s and dropped weight super easy…with NO side effects

  2. Tina says

    I would love to try this! Unfortunately I am not sure there are any of these types of doctors available here in Alabama! All these guys out here offer are those stupid shots once a week that dont work!!

  3. Toni says

    I have been taking combo diet pills from one of Dr. Robert Skversky collegues in Maryland and I have not had any negative side effects. So far this is my 6th month and I have lost 45lbs!

  4. Brenda Patterson says

    I have been yo yo dieting for a long time I need something that will work.I did take fastens and another pill back in 1983 and went from 215 down to 135 I’m back up and need something.I have went to weight watchers,curves and It keeps coming back.I will have to say I have been eating right for about 5 months now and lost 28 lbs but guess what I have gained 5 back.So YES i would try anything at this point.

  5. Anchors Patient says

    While I appreciate the good the FDA does, it is largely driven by politics, public fad opinions, and corporations. If you don’t have a good lobbyist pouring time and money into getting something through the FDA, it probably won’t. So, the fact that something isn’t “FDA-approved” isn’t really a huge concern to me. Dr. Michael Anchors (UCLA, Harvard, Georgetown, NIH, etc.) has been using phen-pro combo for years and years and has the experience and science to back is approach up. I lost 60 pounds in 7 months and have kept it off her a year later. I’m going for another 40 now. Zero side effects.

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