Dr Oz: Dreams Help You Lose Weight & The Dream Power Journal Review


Dr Oz: Learn To Remember Your Dreams

Dr. Oz and Dream Expert Cynthia Richmond discussed the meanings of dreams and how they are a way for our sub-conscious mind to send us clues about our health. Did you know that if your dream takes place on a stairway that it could be sending you a message about the health of your spine? Find out how you can begin to remember your own dreams and start to figure out what they mean.

Dr Oz: Dreams Help You Lose Weight

Cynthia Richmond, author of The Dream Power Journal, said you can use your dreams to help you lose weight. Dr. Oz is not quite sure about that idea, but he was definitely intrigued to hear what Cynthia had to say. She explained that oftentimes people lose weight, but then they gain it all back. This is usually because they have not dealt with the emotional reason for their weight gain. It could mean that they do not feel attractive or are using the weight as a protective barrier, or it could stem from a childhood trauma.

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