Dr Oz: Dying To Eat – Mother Teaches Daughter Binge Eating

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Dr Oz: Dying To Eat – Mother Teaches Daughter Binge Eating

By on September 19, 2012

Dr Oz: Binge Eating Family

Dr Oz explored the consequences of Binge Eating on his show. He talked with a mom who said that food soothes her pain but causes her to lose track of time. Next, he met another woman whose habit has had a negative impact on her family.

Dr Oz: Mother-Daughter Binge Eating

Dr Oz met a mom who said she is ashamed that she taught her own young daughter about Binge Eating as a bonding activity.

Mary explained that she has spent about 20 years binge eating, and she is dragging her daughter down with her. Instead of finding other mother-daughter bonding activities, Mary and her daughter make time to chow down. (In the footage of their snack binge, the Lay’s logo on the chip bag is partially obscured. Note to Dr Oz: If you want to block out the logos, you might need another piece of tape.)

Dr Oz: Mother-Daughter Binge Eating

Mary’s daughter explained that her mother gets tired easily and doesn’t have great mobility. That’s why eating is one of the few activities they can enjoy together. They splurge on a buffet for a special treat. Mary said that having a bingeing partner makes her feel less alone.

This mom and daughter eat anything and everything. Mary compared the experience to being in a trance, and said that when they realize how much they’ve eaten, it’s enough to have fed an entire family. Mary called food “my best friend and worst enemy.” She does feel bad that she has gotten her daughter involved in her habit, “but how can I ask her to stop if I can’t?”

Doctor Oz: Dying To Eat – Mary’s Story

In the studio, Mary said she started bingeing at age 20, and her daughter has grown up watching this happen. Her daughter joined in the binge eating about two years ago. Mary said that she has never forced her daughter to eat, but does often invite her to eat. She fears that her daughter might be going along with it to keep her mother company.

Dr Oz said that as the mother, Mary has all the power in terms of where they drive and what foods they buy. Mary said she is sad for her daughter Stephanie and wants a better life for her. Apparently Mary’s own doctors wouldn’t let her fly to the show taping because of her health problems, such as obesity.

Mary said she worries that her actions will have a huge negative impact on her daughter’s life. She knows now that eating doesn’t fix your problems or solve your emotional issues. But she doesn’t know how to break the cycle for herself, so she can’t give advice to her daughter.

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