Dr Oz: Eat Blindfolded To Lose Weight & Stop Sabotaging Your Goals


Dr Oz: Eat Slower To Lose Weight

Dr. Oz and his guest Peter McKenna were discussing how you can use the power of your mind to change your behavior and lose weight for good. They have already shared how you can curb your cravings and end your emotional eating with just a few simple steps. Check out what other techniques Peter has to help you lose weight!

Dr Oz: Eat Blindfolded To Lose Weight

Peter McKenna, a hypnosis expert, explained to Dr. Oz that people who are overweight spend much of their day thinking about food, but then when they eat they tend to just shovel it in without thinking at all. He said there were studies done with results that showed when you wear a blindfold while eating, it will not only slow down the speed at which you eat, but it will also cause you to only think about what you are eating, rather than any other things that might usually distract you while you are at meal time. The biggest benefit from eating more slowly is that your brain will get the message from your stomach that you are full much sooner, which means you will eat less and be able to lose weight!

Dr Oz: Lose Weight – Link Pleasure To Exercise

Peter McKenna’s next hypnosis technique for weight loss is a method that helps you to link pleasure with more exercise. He shared that the difference between people who are overweight and those who are not is about 2,000 steps a day, which equates to about a 15 minute walk.

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