Dr Oz: Eating More Alkaline + The ‘Pee Strip Diet’


Dr Oz: Shocking News Headlines

Dr Oz wanted to share some shocking headlines and have his viewers decide for themselves whether they were real or fake. First, “Woman In Chile Learns She Has Carried Fetus In Her Uterus For More Than 60 Years.” Real or fake? It turns out it was real, and the 90-year-old woman was carrying around a calcified fetus that posed no health risk to her. Next, “Skinny Jeans Hospitalize ‘Fashion Victim’ For Four Days.” It’s true, and Dr Oz explained that a woman had to have her skinny jeans cut off after they cut off blood supply to her calf muscles, causing her to collapse.

Lastly, “Lost California Hiker Survived For 3 Days By Chewing Toilet Paper.” It turns out that headline was fake!

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