Dr. Oz: Eating for Your Personality Type & Why Emotional Eaters Eat


Dr. Oz: Eating for Your Personality Type

Dr. Oz kicked his show off by talking about how we need to find our eating personality type. It turns out there’s three types of people when it comes to food. Dr. Mike Dow joined Dr. Oz to discuss this. Some people are extroverts and some are introverts. This affects the way we are in the world, but it also affects the way we interact with our food.



  1. dwightmoreland says

    In reference above, I’m between an emotional eater and a habitual eater. My problem is that I cannot lose weight to satisfy my doctor request and my needs. it’s good to know my eating personality but an addition to the personality I need to know what the solution is to solve my weight problem.

  2. joyce says

    I am bit of both emotional eater and habitual eater, also very frustrating thing is that I feel like I never eat, when I know I just got up from the table. I get hungry within an hour or 2 after eating. I could eat at my dad’s then go to my mom’s to eat another meal. I hardly ever feel satisifed for long.

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