Dr Oz: Eggs with Omega 3s Scam & DHA Omega-3s vs ALA Omega-3s


Dr Oz: Eggs with Omega 3s are a Rip-Off

Have you ever seen products at the grocery store that promise extra health benefits, but you were not sure it they were worth the extra money or not? Dr. Oz and his guest, Lisa Lee Freeman, are sharing some of the biggest health rip-offs in the grocery store, so you will not be tricked into wasting your money on something that makes a false claim and offers no real health benefit.

Health Rip-Offs Found at your Grocery Store

Some products claim to be good for you and promise to make you healthier, but they are often just scamming you. Dr. Oz is sharing some of the biggest ones that many of us are falling for every day.

Dr Oz: Health Rip-Offs in the Dairy Aisle

Eggs with Omega-3s

Dr Oz says that eggs with Omega-3s are actually a rip-off because they are more expensive and do not provide the full benefit that eating fish or taking a supplement would to your body.


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