Dr Oz: End Food Cravings & Stop Emotional Eating With Hypnosis Tricks

By on January 22, 2013

Dr Oz: Stop Food Cravings With Hypnosis

Have you tried a bunch of diets in an attempt to lose weight, only to feel deprived and hungry all of the time? Dr. Oz has “The New Hypnosis for Weight Loss: 7 Days, 7 Techniques” and they could be the solution you have been waiting for that will help you lose the weight for good!

Dr Oz: End Food Cravings & Stop Emotional Eating With Hypnosis Tricks

Hypnotist Paul McKenna says you can end food cravings by using his technique to change your behavior.

Dr Oz: Hypnosis To Lose Weight

Paul McKenna, expert hypnotist and author of Change Your Life in 7 Days, argued that people are going about losing weight all wrong. He said that most people try several different diets and often end up weighing more than when they started. He explained that recent research has shown that weight loss is truly a behavioral issue, which means that hypnosis could be a valuable tool in helping lose weight. Dr. Guy Montgomery added that he has done studies and found that the participants who were treated with hypnosis lost eight more pounds than those who just had a behavior intervention.

Dr Oz: Fight Food Cravings – Compulsion vs Repulsion

Paul McKenna has seven techniques in seven days that will help you change your mind and your behaviors in order to lose weight. The first technique involves cravings and how you can fight them to avoid overeating.

Paul explained that on traditional diets you are told to restrict yourself and push away the foods that you love and crave the most. The problem with that is that you will just want and crave them even more. Paul Mckenna said you need to turn your compulsion into repulsion, so you can change your behavior.

First, think of a food that you are craving, for example chocolate, then think about chocolate. Next, think of a food that repulses you, like anchovies. Then mix the two together in your mind and they will essentially cancel each other out, which will put you more in charge of what you want to eat rather than the food being in charge of you. Paul said that this technique can have long term effects, but sometimes people need to practice it more often in order to stay on track with their weight loss.

Dr Oz: Stop Emotional Eating With Hypnosis

So many of us eat for emotional reasons. Whether we are feeling happy or sad, food is often comfort during those times in our lives.

Paul McKenna, hypnosis expert, explained that there have been recent breakthroughs in the area of phychosensory therapies as a way to help those who are emotional eaters. His technique uses specific taps on the body and a sequence of movements that help to desensitize a person, so they can lower their stress and reduce their need to eat when emotional.

He demonstrated the technique on Dr. Oz’s stage with a guest from the audience. Before he began, she said her stress was powerful at a 10, but after he was done with the technique, she not only said her stress was lowered to a two, but she also struggled to get back the feelings when he asked her to try because she felt very calm and as if she were lighter.

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