Dr Oz: Fasting Options For Weight Loss + 800 Calories For 8 Weeks


Dr Oz: 12-Hour Daily Fasting Window

Dr Michael Mosley claims fasting is the key to successful and sustainable weight loss. So how do you know what fasting program can work for you, and how can you try the technique without putting your health at risk? Dr Oz and Dr Mosley took a closer look at three different types of fasting to help viewers decide which could work best for them. First was the 12 hour fast which is done every day. For this fast, it’s time restrictive. You select a 12-hour fasting window where you fast for 12 consecutive hours once a day, for example, if you take your last bite of food at 8 PM, you don’t eat again until 8 AM.

Dr Oz revealed that he heard about this technique from Hugh Jackman, and he’s actually implemented it into his own life.

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