Dr. Oz: Fat Shamer Confronted by Overweight Women & Accept Yourself


Dr. Oz: Fat Shaming Online

Dr. Oz has been talking to notorious fat shamer Roosh Vorek, who sometimes goes by Roosh V., about his campaign to fat shame women into living a healthier life.

For example, Roosh recently asked followers to take and post pictures of women with “a bit of muffin top, bingo wings, or cankles.” Dr. Oz shared a tweet from one of Roosh’s followers, a picture of a woman the tweeter called “a fat pig.”



  1. Akaio says

    Dr Oz and his shills spent all the interview time shaming the guest, who was not given a chance to speak, aggressively calming shaming does not work. Dr Oz is far more involved in fat shaming, in fact a large part of Dr Oz’s business rides on the desperation and misery of the obese. Dr Oz promotes a never ending stream of quack diets and miracle cures that essentially don’t work. I am not aware of anyone forcing women to accept gluttonous men against there will or angrily demanding women accept them as big beautiful men. Its far more profitable to promote a magical cure than to advocate self disciple and personal responsibility.

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