Dr Oz: Food Addict Marjon Helped By Brad Lamm For Food Addiction


Dr Oz: Food Addiction

Dr Oz featured a woman named Marjon who is addicted to food.  He said that she does not feed her body, she feeds her addiction which is slowly killing her.  Marjon is a Food Addict and so her entire world is consumed by food.  She said she loves sweets and thinks about them all day and night.  She even wakes up in the middle of the night to go to a 24 hour grocery to buy her favorite ice cream.  Marjon told Doctor Oz that if she does not get her sugar, she becomes irritable, moody and antsy.  Most of the time she would rather be alone and eating a pint of ice cream than to be out with friends… and she’d rather pay her rent late than to go without as much food.  So Dr Oz sent Brad Lamm to help her out.

Dr Oz: Brad Lamm & Food Addiction

Brad Lamm went to Marjon’s house to try and help her.  She said that she travels a lot for work and showed Lamm how she scopes out all of the Dr Oz Food Addicts24 hour grocery stores, restaurants and bakeries in the area – these are like her drug playground.  Brad Lamm said that addicts only stop thinking about their drug when they are sleeping or dead.  Marjon said that she totally knows how to work the system at the hotels too.  She builds a relationship with the people at the front desk so that she can get food anytime she wants.  Her real scare was when she went to the doctor last week and was told that she has high blood pressure and is obese.

Dr Oz: Food Addict

Doctor Oz asked Marjon if she thinks it is normal to scout out locations for food, to befriend people who give her food and to go out in the middle of night to get food?  She said it is part of her normal routine and just something she does, but she does not think she has a problem.  Dr Oz asked her why she would rather sit at home with ice cream than to go out with other people on a Friday night.  She said that food is predictable and people aren’t.  She knows that when she has her favorite foods, it will taste a certain way and make her feel good.  If she goes out with friends, she does not know how they will act or if they will get on her nerves or not.  Dr Oz said that this sounds compelling, but that it truly shows that she is addicted to food.

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