Dr Oz: Food Allergy Diet Plan in 3 Weeks

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Dr Oz: Food Allergy Diet Plan in 3 Weeks

By on January 30, 2012

Dr Oz: Anti-Allergy Diet

You’ve established that you may be having trouble losing weight because of Food Allergies, but what to do next? Dr. Mark Hyman, MD joined doctor Oz to give you the 3 Week Anti-Allergy Diet that will cut out those foods you’re allergic to and help you lose the weight.

Dr Oz: 3 Week Anti-Allergy Diet

Debbie, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she was having trouble losing weight.

Dr Oz 3 Week Anti-Allergy Diet

Dr Oz 3 Week Anti-Allergy Diet

She’s tried every diet and loses 10-12 lbs, but then her diet would flat line. Eventually, she would gain the weight back and have to start over. She also suffered from fatigue, tiredness and migraines.

Dr Oz: Remove Dairy Foods

Week 1:

REMOVE- get rid of all dairy. Remove the offending agent to give your system a chance to set. Instead of milk, use organic almond milk. Almond milk contains proteins and good fats. Dr Oz stated that it tastes different but, to him, it’s better. Use it everywhere you use milk. Also, replace butter with olive oil.

Dr Oz: Probiotics Repair You

Week 2:

REPAIR- if your gut is damaged, you need to repair it. You need healthy bacteria (pro-biotics.) Take this in pill or powder form. Beware of food products that contain pro-biotics because they may not contain enough for any health benefits.

Dr Oz: Reboot Your Body

Week 3:

REBOOT- reboot your body by adding one thing back at a time and keep track of how you’re doing. Keep a journal of the issues. If you see that you feel better without that certain food, remove it from your diet.

Try this process, at the end of 3 weeks if you believe you have a food allergy, visit your doctor for a blood test. Dr. Hyman stated that he has patients that have lost 10 lbs in one week once the food allergy has been identified and cut from the diet.

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