Dr Oz Food Label Lies: Made With Whole Grain & Good Source of Fiber


Dr Oz: Food Label Lies

You read the labels when you shop, but you’re still confused as to what exactly, low-fat, low-calorie and all natural means. It sounds good, right? But are these foods really good for you? On today’s show, Doctor Oz blew the doors wide open and told you how to translate all those food labels.

Dr Oz asked his audience to bring in a food item from their homes that they thought were healthy.



  1. Lorrin BIrd says

    Some breads say 100% whole wheat on the front label and then say whole wheat on the ingredient listing. Would this be what the good doctor is suggesting we look for?

    We recently bought a frozen dinner made with whole grains, according to the front of the package, it was. A few whole grains thrown in with mostly bleached wheat flour. They did say it was made with whole grains, which is true. I guess if they say 100% whole wheat on the front then all the wheat has to be whole wheat.

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