Dr Oz: Food Sensitivity Scale Quiz Tests for Food Allergy Symptoms

By on October 16, 2012

Dr Oz: Food Sensitivity Quiz

Dr Oz and Elisabeth Hasselbeck teamed up to talk about hidden food allergies. “Everyone’s at risk,” she said. It could happen at any time in your life, and that’s why Dr Oz put together his Food Sensitivity Scale.

Dr Oz Free At Home Food Sensitivity Scale Quiz & Food Allergy Symptoms

Elisabeth Hasselbeck helped reveal the Dr Oz Food Sensitivity Scale Quiz you can take at home to assess your hidden food allergy risks.

Gina joined the pair to talk about her symptoms. She used to think it was related to her menstrual cycle, but she has realized her problems happen throughout the month. She’s been dealing with symptoms for 20 years.

“That doesn’t mean it’s normal,” Dr Oz pointed out. It just means you’ve been living with symptoms for a long time.

Dr Oz: Food Sensitivity Symptoms

Why don’t women believe their symptoms are about food allergies? It’s common that stress or other factors could be easy explanations, and it’s easy to brush it aside.

Gina said she has experienced many of the symptoms on the list. Elisabeth said these can change your ability to get through your daily responsibilities.

Dr Oz Food Sensitivity Scale

Dr Oz said to rate each of these symptoms on a scale of 0-2. You can print this out and try it yourself. Just fill in the blanks to rate your own symptoms.

  • 0 – Never have symptom
  • 1 – Have symptom once per week
  • 2 – Have symptom several times each week

Head & Mood Symptoms

  • __ – Headache
  • __ – Trouble Concentrating
  • __ – Anxiety
  • __ – Depression

Mid-Section Symptoms

  • __ – Bloating
  • __ – Gas
  • __ – Constipation
  • __ – Diarrhea

Top To Bottom Symptoms

  • __ – Exhaustion
  • __ – Fatigue
  • __ – Aching Joints
  • __ – Skin Rash

Dr Oz: Food Sensitivity Score

After adding up your numbers, you should come up with a score between 0 and 24. Gina said her score was 15, which was pretty high.

Dr Oz said that if your score is 10 or above, you should investigate your risks for a food sensitivity. That represented about 2/3 of the studio audience. Even Elisabeth and Dr Oz were blown away by the results.

Audience member Robin said she has to avoid bread and pasta or she pays for it with symptoms like cramping and bloating. Dairy also causes huge digestive problems and symptoms. Her food sensitivity doesn’t sound that hidden to me, but if this is what it takes to get it under control, I’m glad Robin came to the show today.

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