Dr Oz: Forskolin Supplement Pills – Miracle Flower Fights Fat


Dr Oz: Forskolin Miracle Pills That Fights Fat

You’ve tried everything to lose weight—or so you think. On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Weight Loss Expert, Lisa Lynn to tell you about Forskolin, the miracle supplement that helps you fight fat. Forskolin Supplement Pills speed up the metabolism while allowing your body to burn twice as many calories.  Plus, Dr Oz also spoke about the Chakra Diet and your 7 Chakras today!


  1. Yesenia says

    Where online can I buy this Forskolin? The exact same one that was on the show. Who is it made by? How do I know if I am getting a quality one?

  2. Angela says

    I just started taking Forskolin about a day ago and I’ve been needing to lose atleast 18 to 19 pounds and I’m actually hoping that this really helps me lose all the weight that I need to lose because I’m not exactly feeling good about myself right now. If anyone has taken Forskolin it would be nice to know if this actually really worked for them.

  3. shelia says

    yes i have been taking this since dr oz talked abut i on his show and with exercise and a 1500 cal diet i have lost 20 pounds i work out a gym for 1 hour a day 5 days a week

  4. nadia says

    HI DR.OZ
    where online con i buy this forskolin ? the exact some one that was on the show .
    who is it made by ? how do i konw if am getting a quality one ?

  5. Pranesha says

    I would like to know where can I purchase Forloskolin
    in Abu Dhabi or Dubai who stocks these products and
    pls if anybody has used it how effective is it.

  6. Hermon Leykun says

    Hi, Dr OZ how are you doing? I’m from Ethiopia, I heard every thing what you said in your show. But I can’t get any kind of supplements including Forskolin flower supplements. I’m just a dreamer not a maker. Txs to God I followed every other things you te are teaching us like: wathch my body weight, exercise, less stress and many others and homemade remedies for skin. Dr. OZ how can I get those supplements, here in Ethiopia.
    Yrs big fun
    Hermon Leykun

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