Dr Oz Four Week Plan To Balance Hormones & Is Eating Soy Good For You?


Dr Oz: What Foods Help Balance Hormones?

Dr. Oz and his guests outlined why it is so important for women to look before they flush during their period, including the message it could be sending about the health of your hormones. Would you believe the best way to balance your hormones is through your diet? Keep reading to find out how!

Dr Oz: Are Fermented Foods Good For Your Hormones?

Dr. Oz says the color and consistency of your period can be a sign of a hormonal imbalance so he has a four week plan to help you synchronize your hormones! Alisa Vitti says your hormones are always changing and affect everything in your body, whether you have a period or not, so cross-training your food with your hormones is the best way to balance things out. Alisa says food is the best medicine to eat your way to hormonal health and her four week plan is the best way get you there! She explained if you are menstruating then you would want to begin the plan the day after you finish your period and if you are not menstruating you can begin on any given Sunday and make that the start of your first week.

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