Dr Oz: FREE Weight Watchers PointsPlus Cookbook Giveaway


Dr Oz: Cookbook Giveaway

Doctor Oz did a show about Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Watchers Diet and even taught us Jennifer Hudson’s Workout!  In this segment, Dr Oz brought out Weight Watchers Leader, Liz Josefsberg to show you the power foods to jumpstart your weight loss today.

Suzanne, an audience member, stated that she was going to be 50-years-old soon and wanted to get into shape now to be able to keep up with her kids. She also wanted to look good and feel confident. (Don’t we all?) Suzanne stated that her trigger foods were cookies and brownies because she keeps them in the house for her kids. Her one big trigger item is red wine. (Hey, me too!) “Now is the time to do something,” Dr Oz told her. Dr Oz says that people who make New Year Resolutions are 10 times more likely to go through with their goal.

Dr Oz: Weight Watchers Cookbook Giveaway

Liz Josefsberg from Weight Watchers, indicated that you needed to take control of your environment and that there are certain tools needed to get started to make the process much easier.



  1. says

    I am a lifetime member of w/w. I have not gone for long time hence my weight is 220 I am only 5ft2in so I am in the obese category, always going to diet,so here we go again new years resolution.
    LOOSE WEIGHT. what realy made me laugh over Christmas I had my Grandchildren down 4 and21/2yrs.I was in shower, can we come in I said no wrapped a towel around me,she saw the cellousitis on my leg and said whats that Grandma,her mother is from the Philippines all 100lbs the other grandma 110lbs so I do not want to be known as the big Grandma.

  2. Debbie Newman says

    I also am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers. It has been quite a few years since I have attended the group meetings, and I’m sure the menu has changed as well……however, I have been following the program now and realize it is not hard at all to change my eating habits. I feel better and have more energy, eating the right foods! I have lost 42 lbs. and will continue the diet, as my goal is another 30 lbs. I have already gone down 3 dress sizes!


  3. Debbie says

    I would really like to finally lose this weight, I’m interested in the Weight Watchers Cookbook.

  4. Ann Slater says

    I have done weight watchers before but need to start again, It worked before so I know it will again. watching todays show made me realize that the sooner I start back the sooner I will start to loose weight and feel better.

  5. pamela dryjanski says

    hiery good and learned dr oz i watched the show today was very

    dr oz i learned alot from the show today was very good jan 10 2012

  6. Jeanette says

    I saw the show today and feel very inspired. I have high blood pressure and need to lose a lot of weight. I was on Weight Watchers some years back and really need to go back – I understand the old program – I just need to be accountable.

  7. says

    I hope to be one of many lucky fans to receive the Free Weight Watchers PointsPlus Cookbook. I am a devoted Oz Fan and share what I learn from Oz to family and friends.

  8. Sandra Simmons says

    I love you and your show I learn so much from you it’s just unbelieveable. I have a serve case of Arthritis in my right knee and the lower part of my Spine. I’m on Topamax 300mg a day for pain. My doctor said, if I could lose a few pounds I wouldn’t be in as much pain as I am in now. My knee wouldn’t have to carry around the extra weight. So I pray I will be one of the blessed ones. God Bless you Dr. Oz: 1214 Rodgers St. # 1 Chesapeake, VA. 23324)

  9. Cindy Castillo says

    I live in Canada and am not eligible for your contests. Are you able to send a Canadian viewer a WW cookbook…please??

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