Dr Oz: Fucoxanthin, Sacha Inchi, Belly Blast Hot Shot & Spicy Red Icee

By on April 30, 2012

Dr Oz: Turbocharge Your Metabolism

Does your metabolism need a jumpstart? On today’s show, Doctor Oz showed you how to boost your body’s fat burning potential by turbocharging your metabolism with things like Belly Blast Hot Shot, Kombucha Wonder Drink, Spicy Red Icee, Fucoxanthin, Sacha Inchi, L-Arginine and Spirulina Bars. (Sounds like a plan to me!)

Dr Oz Xanthigen

Fucoxanthin with Xanthigen was on Dr Oz's metabolism boosting show!

With Dr Oz’s surefire remedies, you’ll be able to get the rocket fuel you’ll need in order to rev up that metabolism to turn your body into a lean, mean calorie burning machine. Find out which drink you can consume and still eat junk food—while losing weight!

Dr Oz: Belly Blast Hot Shot

Shelly, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she drank tea and bottled water in the mornings. Toward the end of the day, she consumed more hot tea and soda, hoping this would jumpstart her metabolism. (Soda? I’m thinking no.) Dr Oz gave Shelly (and audience members) 3 alternatives to soda.

Belly Blast Hot Shot Recipe

2 Tbsp of tomato juice
½ tsp horseradish
Dash of hot sauce
Squeeze of lime (Limes contain vitamin C, an antioxidant that boosts metabolism)
Have this shot for breakfast every day
(Be warned, it has a kick too it, so be prepared!)

Dr Oz: Kombucha Wonder Drink

Kombucha is made from fermented tea and originally hails from Japan. It’s infused with oolong tea and will get you going in the mornings. Helps to protect the liver so the liver can focus on the metabolism. Swap out iced tea or soda with this wonder drink and lose 7 lbs a year without diet or exercise. You can purchase in health food stores or online.

Dr Oz: Spicy Red Icee Recipe

To help boost your metabolism, try this spicy red icee drink. Combine spicy red wine and ice chips. Add sprigs of mint to help stave off cravings. The wine also helps with relaxation. (I bet it does!)

Doctor Oz asked audience member, Shelly, which drink she preferred and she liked the—take a guess, folks—the spicy red wine drink. (Anyone else NOT surprised?)

Doctor Oz said there were supplements, or power pills, that could help rev up your metabolism to help you burn fat. Supplements packed a powerful punch to propel your metabolism into high gear because they go straight to the source. Take the right pills and you’ll turbocharge your metabolism, instantly.

One audience member told Dr Oz that since turning 40, she found that her metabolism had slowed down considerably. She’s tried supplements, but none worked to speed up her metabolism.

Dr Oz: Fucoxanthin with Xanthigen

Look for Fucoxanthin with Xanthigen on the label. Take 200 mg per day for maximum effect. This all-natural product is great for busting belly fat because it zeroes in on the mid-section. Dr Oz suggested starting with his product and then trying others.  Ironically, on a previous show, Dr Oz spoke about Kelp Seaweed Capsules that fight cellulite because of the active ingredient Fucoxanthin!

Dr Oz: Sacha Inchi

Sacha Inchi is loaded with vitamin E and antioxidants. It also contains Omega 3s and helps the body to relax and let things go, as well as, helps reduce inflammation. For maximum benefits, take 600 mg per day.  On a previous show, Dr Oz also spoke about the merits of Sacha Inchi Nuts.

Dr Oz: L-Arginine

L-Arginine helps to restore hormonal balance in your body. For maximum benefits, Dr Oz said to try taking 2000 mg of L-Arginine 3 times per day.

Dr Oz says along with supplements, you can also eat your way to thin by consuming the right foods to help charge your metabolism.

Alternate High & Low Calorie Days

Jennifer, an audience member, turned 43 and found it hard to lose the weight. Dr Oz says certain foods can trick your body by thinking you’ve had plenty of calories. Try alternating between high caloric and low caloric days. This forces the metabolism to keep working hard. (Really? Imagine how hard it will work if I alternate between high caloric and higher caloric days!)

For Dr Oz’s 7 day calorie plan, check out www.doctoroz.com .

Black Peppers & Dill Seeds Boost Metabolism

Want to speed up your metabolism and burn up that fat? Dr Oz says try sprinkling black pepper or dill seeds onto your foods. When you eat a meal, sprinkle ½ tsp of black pepper and ½ tsp of dill seed onto your meal for a quick metabolism booster.

Spirulina Bars Review

This bar is packed with proteins and amino acids and provides energy for the cells. For a little variety, Spirulina bars come in bar and cookie form. (Dr Oz said he loved the chips.) Jennifer tried the chips and said they were “really good” and “taste like bananas.”  Or try Dr Oz’s Spirulina Energy Cubes.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Fucoxanthin, Sacha Inchi, Belly Blast Hot Shot & Spicy Red Icee

  1. Annie Sommers says:

    Please let me know how many times per day you swish and gargle the mixture of cinnamon, turmeric and ginger. Thanks!!!

  2. Damon Monty says:

    Dear Dr. Oz,
    I have seen a study on fucoxathin that states it has high levels of iodine. My mom wanted to know if it is safe for her? She is on a thyroid pill high in iodine. Will this pill cause iodine poisoning? If so should we lower her thyroid pill if she is insistant on taking fucoxanthin. Thanks in advance for the advice.

    . Damon E. Monty, DC

  3. Tracey M. says:

    Would like to get the name of the spicy red wine featured on the Turbo Charge Your Metabolism episode. I have checked with Whole Foods as well as other health food stores and they are not familiar with wines called ‘spicy wine’.

  4. Belly Blast Hot Shot, can it be made ahead of time or only as you take it?

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