Dr Oz: G-BOMBS Anti-Cancer Salad & Meal Plan with Dr Joel Fuhrman


Dr Oz: Anti-Cancer Salad

Dr Oz and his guest, Dr Joel Fuhrman, talked on the show about a new approach to the food pyramid, and how dietary changes could cure migraines. Next, he wanted to share some of his healthy eating tips with Dr Oz’s audience.

Dr Fuhrman said that one key to the system is getting used to the idea of salad as a main dish. That’s because fresh vegetables are high in nutrients, even though they often have low caloric content.



  1. Missy says

    I have a question; I used to eat a G-BOMB salad every day for lunch. Needless to say that all of that ruffage has taken a toll and I had to stop eating salad for a while. What else can I eat that will give me the same results?

  2. says

    I have been diagnosed with mylo-displastic syndrome and because of my low numbers am told not to eat any raw fruits or vegetables because of possible bacteria, even in soft eggs. I’ve been on chemo for almost 2 years. I was on Vidaza for a year and have been on Dacogen almost a year. I have lost weight from my normal 127 to 135 I am now at 112. I need to gain weight not loose it. How can I eat to improve my immune system and gain weight. I don’t like to cook. I lost my husband in Jan. so don’t want to cook for just one person. Have gotten C-diff because I had to go to the dentist and was given an antibiotic. I was given an antibiotic during hernia surgery, Nov. 6th, which gave me C-diff again and almost lost my life. I haven’t had chemo since Oct. because of the complications after the surgery. I need help. What can I do? Thank you for any advise you can give me. Mary K. Webb

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